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5 CBD Solutions to Help You Get Through the Week

Sometimes you just need a little extra boost.

Entrepreneur Store

· 3 min read

Why I Believe Cannabinoid Medicine Is The Future Of Autism Treatment

A parent's first-hand experience with cannabis and autism gives her new hope.

Erica Daniels

· 3 min read

CBD Might Experience Another Boom In The Beyond Tobacco Movement

Tobacco consumers are looking for healthier alternatives. Can CBD fill that need?

· 4 min read

CBD Shampoo Can Reduce The Severity And Symptoms Of Scalp Inflammation

As it turns out, CBD is pretty good for the health of your hair, too.

Johnny Green

· 3 min read

A Beginner's Guide To Smoking Pot For The First Time

There's no predicting how you'll first react to the herb, so the best way to go is to start slow and know what you're smoking or otherwise ingesting.

Mary Schumacher

· 3 min read

Go Ahead And Admit You're A Proud Stoner, Especially If You're A New One

The fast and friendly movement of cannabis over the last few years has reeled in a lot of first-timers, many of them senior citizens, who don't think of themselves as stoners.

David Hodes

· 7 min read

Garrett Rudolph

· 15+ min read

A New Wearable Ketamine Device Could Be Alternative For Opioid-Based Pain Management

The new technology includes a disposable pod of between 20 and 70 milligrams of ketamine, a needle, and a Bluetooth-enabled control unit that slowly delivers the dose over a period of 24 hours.

Sam Woolfe

· 8 min read

California's New Cannabis Terroir Laws Are A Major Win For Legacy Growers

A new state law restricts use of artificial lights, shelters or any other form of temperature or climate control.

Andrew Ward

· 5 min read

The Best Weed Strains For All Those Binge-Watching Nights

It's about to be peak streaming season, so make sure you grab your favorite weed option to help get you through.

Dante Jordan

· 5 min read

Medical Cannabis Patients In Canada Report Reductions In Alcohol Use

Many people turn to marijuana to offset alcohol use, and one study appears to show a clear difference in some patients.

Johnny Green

· 3 min read

The Fascinating History Of Rolling Paper

On the Green Entrepreneur Podcast, Josh Kesselman of RAW recounts the unknown story of how rolling paper came to be.

Jonathan Small

· 1 min read