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A Surprisingly Large Amount Of DC Voters Support Plant Medicine Decriminalization

A poll by the Campaign to Decriminalize Nature DC show 60 percent of DC voters support Initiative 81, the "Entheogenic Plant and Fungus Policy Act of 2020," which aims to decriminalize plant and fungi medicines.

Lucid News

· 3 min read

Should You Ever Mix Both CBD And Nicotine Together? We've Got Answers

We take a look at the science behind both CBD and nicotine, and how each impacts your body.

Johnny Baldwin

· 9 min read

The Definitive Guide To Juicing Cannabis

As people continue to experiment with cannabis in food, here are the in's and out's of juicing with weed.

Monica Lo

· 2 min read

More Women Are Using Marijuana to Ease Menopause

A new study finds women use cannabis to relieve hot flashes and night sweats.

· 3 min read

The Age of Cannabis Delivery: Everything You Need To Know About The Convenient Service

The new service comes with certain regulations in different states, and we break it all down.

Sam White

· 6 min read

A Closer Look At The Systemic Culture Problems Of The Psychedelics Industry

As it stands right now, the psychedelics industry isn't as all-inclusive as it might think it is.

Leia Friedman

· 15+ min read

It's True! Survey Shows Many Young People Are Boozing Less During Lockdown In Favor Of Weed

As the pandemic rages on, young people are finding news ways to get into a better headspace that doesn't include copious amounts of alcohol.

Weedmaps News

· 6 min read

One Indigenous Woman's Prayers For Collective Cannabis Legalization

It's time for mainstream America to wake up to Indigenous people's consequential but forgotten role in the cannabis community.

Mary Jane Oatman

· 10 min read

Researchers Reveal How Curing Cannabis Impacts Overall Terpene Levels

New analysis by the research-focused terpenes firm Eybna Technologies shows how various terpenes are affected by the cannabis curing process.

Cara Wietstock

· 5 min read

New Study Finds Older Marijuana Patients Have No Long-Term Negative Brain Effects

Compared to non-users, data showed no differences in memory, new learning, and reaction time for medical marijuana patients.

Brendan Bures

· 3 min read

Could Donald Trump Tease Legalizing Pot To Help Him Win Re-Election?

One attorney believes the current Commander-in-chief could use the idea of legal marijuana to help him stay in the White House.

Willis Jacobson

· 5 min read

The Psychedelic Election Is an Internet Addiction

Like a drug, this election is starting to consume our lives.

Bett Williams

· 10 min read