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Mexico's Cannabis Legalization Addresses Several National Woes, While Creating Opportunity

Many projections expect Mexico to be the most lucrative legalized market.

Andrew Ward

· 4 min read

Do Over-The-Counter CBD Products Have Enough CBD In Them?

CBD is available in lots of different places, but not all products may be created equally.

Johnny Green

· 3 min read

How Can Marijuana Packaging Create Childproof Designs That Seniors Can Still Open?

The cannabis industry is still working to develop the proper safety protocols.

Margaret Jackson

· 6 min read

South Dakota Legalizes Medical Marijuana

Voters overwhelmingly pass Measure 26, which creates a medical marijuana market in the state

Kate Lavin

· 1 min read

DC and Oregon Pass Landmark Psychedelic Initiatives

Big wins legalization and decriminalization of magic mushrooms and other psychedelics.

Green Entrepreneur Staff

· 1 min read

Election 2020 Update: Arizona Legalizes Cannabis

Under the new law, adults will be able to possess up to an ounce of marijuana at a time

Green Entrepreneur Staff

· 2 min read

Fuhgettaboutit! New Jersey Legalizes Weed

The Garden State votes to open up its gardens to adult-use marijuana.

Green Entrepreneur Staff

· 1 min read

Predictions for Cannabis Legalization In The 2020 Election

Cannabis is on the ballot all over the country. How will it do?

Jessica Billingsley

· 5 min read

Can Cannabis Treat OCD?

A new study shows that weed reduced many symptoms associated with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but more research is needed.

· 3 min read

How To Effectively Use CBD Lotion For When You Need It Most

Before diving into CBD lotion, make sure you know how to get the most out of it by following these tips.

Grady (James) Camp

· 7 min read

What You Need To Know About The Possible Historic U.N. Vote On Cannabis

The vote casts a decision on a series of recommendations for THC and CBD products, including pharmaceutical cannabis products.

Andrew Ward

· 4 min read

Dabbing in the USA: Was Miley Cyrus Hallucinating, Or Did She See A UFO?

In a recent interview, the pop star recounts an extraterrestrial experience that may or may not have been weed wax-induced.

Jonathan Small

· 2 min read