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Read This Before Selling Cannabis Online

I's going to require a lot of time and hard work to legally make it happen.

Alex Larsen

Cannabis May Prevent This Major Side Effect of Chemotherapy

Israeli researchers found that those who used cannabis saw a drastic decrease.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Bath Bombs?

From moisturizing the skin and reducing pimples, while also providing a relaxing experience, it might be time to try these out.

Marijuana and Heart Attacks: What New Research Reveals

The public needs high-quality information about cannabis, which can help counterbalance the proliferation of rumor and false claims about the health effects of cannabis products.

Marijuana Shoppers Return to Pre-Pandemic Hours, Favoring Night to Day

Like most things in life, weed shoppers are returning to normal a little bit more these days.

Andrew Long

These Are the Female Pioneers of Psychedelics

Meet the women who risked their credibility and safety to research psychedelic treatment and therapy long before they shared any sense of equal rights.

Kelsey Ramsden

What Makes a Good Extraction Machine

A simple primer for the non-technician.

Jesse Turner

Growers Need to Know About Carbon and Nitrogen Ratios

Paying attention to, and understanding, the ratio will allow growers to drastically improve results and to avoid potentially catastrophic nutrient burns.

Nik Nikolayev

Other Countries Should Copy Thailand's New Cannabis Cultivation Model

The country became the first in Asia to reform its laws to allow for legal cultivation, distribution, and use of medical cannabis.

Johnny Green

All Those Fears About Marijuana Legalization Never Materialized

On the contrary, new research shows that legalization has been great for creating jobs and boosting state budgets.

How Women Inspired the Psychedelic Revolution

Despite the barriers for women throughout the development of psychedelic research, they have contributed greatly to the psychedelics industry, and they're fueling its renaissance.

Kelsey Ramsden