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The 4 Biggest Problems with CBD Products Right Now

Many consumers are snatching up CBD products that may not be all they're cracked up to be.

Mike Adams

· 4 min read

· 3 min read

Ricardo Willis Becomes First African-American CEO of a Cannabis Vape Company

The story of the new leader of Hanu Labs proves it's never too late to follow your passion - and make history in the process. 

Taylor McLamb

· 8 min read

Psychedelic Businesses Can Be Leaders in Sustainability

But unfortunately, the list of natural psychedelic substances that haven't met careful environmental treatment is long and growing.

Evan Nison

· 4 min read

Native Tribes Should Have More Say in the Psychedelic Movement

At the Psychedelic Liberty Summit, many voiced concerns over land conservation, the peyote sacrament, and the role of native voices in legislative reform.

Madison Margolin

· 6 min read

Cannabis Tourism Takes a COVID Beating

Even as more states legalize marijuana, a subset of the industry is declining due to the pandemic.

Taneia Surles

· 4 min read

Will Marijuana Reform Lead to Legalization of Harder Drugs?

Allowing drugs like cocaine, heroin and meth to be produced and sold legally would create an inevitable financial boon for state and local governments. But that doesn't mean it's the smart move.

Mike Adams

· 8 min read

· 3 min read

Should You Smoke Weed While Tripping?

We take a deep dive into the world of mixing weed with mushrooms, LSD, and MDMA.

Michelle Janikian

· 11 min read

The Latin American Cannabis Market Is About to Take Off

What you need to know so you don't miss the boat.

Felipe Sanchez

· 4 min read

Harvard Study Shows Medical Cannabis May Help with Chronic Pain

Higher THC consumption was connected to pain relief, while CBD intake was related to mood improvement.

Nina Zdinjak

· 3 min read