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How to Invest in Cannabis Without Touching the Product

Good Earth Organics is providing the soil for a booming cannabis industry.


The Problem with the Cannabis Reform Bill

Shooting for the moon with full legalization could derail more meaningful progress at the federal level, such as the SAFE Banking Act.

Joe Caltabiano

A Closer Look at the Dab Market, the Wildest Corner of the Weed World

From high-tech devices to crystalline extracts, innovation moves at a frantic pace, churning out futuristic products and new forms of concentrates at warp speed.

Lindsay MaHarry

How Delivery Will Change the Cannabis Game

Although legal recreational weed delivery has only recently become a thing, demand is tremendous.

Freight Waves

Why the U.S. Cannabis Industry Will Surpass $30 Billion in 2022

New report from Headset says country will near Canada's annual growth rate for the plant.

Chris Kudialis

Conan O'Brien Takes a Hit Off a Joint on TV

If ever there was a sign that weed is becoming mainstream, it had to be O'Brien smoking a joint on TV with Seth Rogen

Tips for First-Time Medical Marijuana Patients

A handy guide for responsible new users to stay safe and healthy.

Laurel Leaf

What to Know Before You Drink THC

The canna beveragesĀ of 2021 are nothing like those of two years ago or more.

Dana Smith

Deepak Chopra Credits LSD for Shifting His Consciousness

It was his "first experience with spirituality" at age 17.

Bruna Corsato

6 Myths About THC Caps You Shouldn't Believe

Some legal states want to put limits on THC potency. It won't work.