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Cannabis For Sleep? Here's How Weed Helps You Catch Better Zzz's

We now have a more nuanced approach to using cannabis as a sleeping aid, selecting the appropriate strains in order to tackle specific sleep-related issues.

Report Shows Extracts Continue To Be Most Popular Among Cannabis Consumers

Cannabis products made from extracts - including concentrates, vapes, edibles, topicals and tinctures - account for 57% of legal cannabis sales in the U.S. so far in 2020.

Musician Wifisfuneral Says These 5 Weed Products Are The Ones He Can't Live Without

The Florida-based musician gives an inside scoop on all things cannabis.

A New DEA Rule Means 'Absolute Confusion' For CBD Businesses

The rule makes it difficult to produce legal CBD products, with one cannabis lawyer even saying it "threatens to destroy" the industry.

New Studies Show Promise In Treating COVID-19 With Cannabis

The preliminary studies in Israel and Georgia indicate that cannabis may lessen the severity of so-called cytokine storms.

American Hemp Farmers May Be Unfairly Penalized Over The Government's Worries About THC

About 17,000 hemp farmers are getting ready to harvest their half-million-acre 2020 crop. In so doing, they're besieged by multiple problems: the pandemic, of course, but also extreme weather, natural disasters... and politics.
Celebrity Endorsement

Martha Stewart Serves Up New CBD Line

The lifestyle guru is releasing gourmet-flavored gummies, soft gels, and oil drops.
social justice

3 Meaningful Ways The Cannabis Industry Can Support Black Lives Matter

As a son of Haitian immigrants, a Navy veteran, and a cannabis entrepreneur, I know that more needs to be done.

New Album From J French (Kanye's Cousin) Is All About His Love Of Cannabis

J French released a new album called JAGG (Just Another Gift From God), which he produced after discovering medicinal marijuana to treat his anxiety.

Understanding The 10,000-Year History Of Cannabis

See how this once sacred plant has suddenly become a feared drug in the eyes of the people, as well as why cannabis deserves the redemption story we're witnessing now.

What The Hell Is A Percolator Bong? Allow Us To Explain (While Giving You The Best Ones)

Not all bongs are created equal, and we tackle the complexities of percolator bongs.

New App Helps Guide Your Psychedelic Trip

The mobile app called Trip is designed to "expand your mind."
Legal Marijuana

Is The Federal Vote On Legalized Marijuana Actually Meaningless?

Some say the vote is historic, but it may be just more hot air from lifelong politicians.

Cannabis Equity Programs Often Fail, But We Can Fix Them

While equity programs are well-intentioned, but they have not had the impact that many in the industry wish to see.

There Are The Hottest 25 Cannabis Brands This Week

A closer look at the brands that made the biggest impact on social media, earned media, and website marketing this week.