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The Western Wildfires Are Threatening Cannabis Farms

Twenty percent of cannabis farms in Oregon are currently under evacuation, several farms in California are lost, and more are threatened

· 3 min read

Millennials Or Boomers? A New Study Tells Which One Uses Marijuana More Frequently

So, are your parents really using weed more than you and your friends are?

Joan Oleck

· 3 min read

How Cannabis Sparks Phish's Creative Process

Phish lyricist, keyboardist, and singer Tom Marshall opens up about how his cannabis use has changed over the years, and why it provides him a front-row seat to creativity and living in the moment.

Meryl Klemow

· 3 min read

Study Shows How Medical Cannabis Improved Quality Of Life In Seniors

A recent study explored seniors, cannabis and reported quality of life; and the results raised some eyebrows.

Johnny Green

· 4 min read

Is It Better To Grow Your Pot Inside Or Outside? We Have The Answer

For you home growers out there, we answer the difficult dilemma.

Becky Garrison

· 4 min read

Early Freeze In Colorado Could Cost Weed & Hemp Farmers Millions

Earlier than normal cold conditions could result in lots of loss flower for farmers.

Bart Schaneman

· 7 min read

How CBD Can Help Patients with PTSD

Studies show that cannabidiol can clear painful memories and reduce stress levels.

Dr. June Chin

· 6 min read

Cannabis For Sleep? Here's How Weed Helps You Catch Better Zzz's

We now have a more nuanced approach to using cannabis as a sleeping aid, selecting the appropriate strains in order to tackle specific sleep-related issues.

Staff of MARY Magazine

· 4 min read

Report Shows Extracts Continue To Be Most Popular Among Cannabis Consumers

Cannabis products made from extracts - including concentrates, vapes, edibles, topicals and tinctures - account for 57% of legal cannabis sales in the U.S. so far in 2020.

Patrick Wagner

· 4 min read

Musician Wifisfuneral Says These 5 Weed Products Are The Ones He Can't Live Without

The Florida-based musician gives an inside scoop on all things cannabis.

Dante Jordan

· 6 min read

A New DEA Rule Means 'Absolute Confusion' For CBD Businesses

The rule makes it difficult to produce legal CBD products, with one cannabis lawyer even saying it "threatens to destroy" the industry.

Alex Halperin

· 5 min read

New Studies Show Promise In Treating COVID-19 With Cannabis

The preliminary studies in Israel and Georgia indicate that cannabis may lessen the severity of so-called cytokine storms.

· 3 min read