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Changing Weed Laws Are Making Lawyers Adapt On The Fly

Attorneys in most states still lack assurances that aiding federally illegal marijuana businesses won't cost them their license.

Katy Young

· 6 min read

What Is Katy Perry's Stance On Weed?

The pop singer has been public about trying cannabis, but how important is it to her career?

Maria Loreto

· 2 min read

Louisiana Will Expand Its Medical Marijuana Market

A new law in Louisiana allows physicians to prescribe medical marijuana for any patient whom they think needs it.

· 3 min read

"Everything Costs More on the Inside:" Meet the Women Fighting for Pot Prisoners

"Eventually, we would like to send every prisoner $500 a month and give them a few grand when they get released, so they have a cushion while they look for work. No one should ever go to jail for weed. It's a no-brainer." 


· 5 min read

At Hedonism Resort, Weed Is Legal And So Is Smoking In The Nude

The clothing-optional hot spot in Jamaica has an on-site dispensary.

Javier Hasse

· 2 min read

Five Months Into The Pandemic, How Is The Cannabis Industry Doing?

A new report shows that the business has been remarkably resilient.

Alex Feldman

· 6 min read

Should You Use CBD To Treat Your Dog? The Research Is Encouraging.

But federal laws prevent veterinarians from approving it.

Pam Chmiel

· 7 min read

The Top 5 CBD Topicals For Muscle Recovery

Use any of these CBD products post-workout and your sore muscles and joints will thank you.

Lindsey Bartlett

· 4 min read

The Hottest Cannabis Brands Of The Week (8/22-8/28)

Which cannabis brands have made the biggest impact on social media, earned media, and website marketing this week? Here are the top 25.

Pioneer Intelligence

· 1 min read

This Is Why Some CBD Companies Will Thrive, And Some Will Die

The real secret behind CBD companies' longevity rests in two key strategies.

Kyle Jennings

· 7 min read

These Are The Conditions CBD Can Treat, According To Science

There's a lot of misinformation and exaggeration regarding the benefits of CBD. Here are some conditions that the compound can help alleviate.

Maria Loreto

· 3 min read

Pennsylvania Governor Says His State Must Legalize Recreational Cannabis

Governor Tom Wolf says the sales will help a distressed state economy.

Jonathan Small

· 2 min read