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Product Testing

I Had A CBD Facial To Help My Skin Disorder. This Is What Happened.

A new treatment promises to help with itching and dryness.

How Cannabis Technologies May Help Combat COVID-19

Enhanced delivery and testing techniques could be valuable tools for researchers.
Retail Therapy

4 Smart Ways Cannabis Retailers Can Adapt To The Coronavirus Crisis

Cannabis is an essential medicine so retailers must change their process to continue selling it.

As Cities Declare Cannabis An 'Essential Business,' Here's How Businesses Are Rallying To Help Customers

Dispensaries in California are coming together and seeing unprecedented growth amid the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

The Hottest Cannabis Brands Of The Week (3/12-3/19)

Here are this week's most influential brands in the cannabis industry, using Pioneer Intelligence's breakdown of marketing on social media, earned media, and websites.
False Advertising

CBD Companies Are Making False Claims About Coronavirus

CBD marketing was tough enough, and then this?

Marijuana And Liquor Sales Rise As Americans Self-Isolate From Coronavirus

Americans have included marijuana and liquor as an essential good to have during the coronavirus outbreak.

5 Inspiring Ways Cannabis Companies Are Helping During The COVID-19 Pandemic

From reserving hours for the senior community to offering food banks for kids without lunches, here's how the cannabis community of entrepreneurs are helping during the coronavirus pandemic.

Don't Forget To Include Hemp In The Senate's $1 Trillion COVID-19 Stimulus Package

A letter to Mitch McConnell: Hemp deserves a place in the United State's coronavirus stimulus package.

A Top Cannabis Doctor Answers Your Coronavirus Questions

On the Green Entrepreneur Podcast, Dr. Junella Chin offers important health tips and suggestions.

University Creates First-Ever 'Cannabis Center of Excellence' Research Center

Lake Superior State University will train students as "job-ready chemists," with hopes the school draws the attention of cannabis entrepreneurs

3 Ways To Share Cannabis Without Transmitting The Coronavirus

The outbreak of COVID-19 demands special attention from all members of society in order to mitigate the spread of the disease.

Cannabis Sales Surge Over The Weekend As World Braces For Coronavirus

Recreational cannabis sales in Washington were up 33 percent on Sunday, while Ontario's sales were up a whopping 100 percent.

5 Calming CBD and Hemp Oils For Coronavirus Stress

Is COVID-19 freaking you out? These products may help relieve some of that understanble anxiety.

How To Avoid Germs When Consuming Cannabis

One aspect of smoking cannabis that usually goes unexamined is the germ exchange that comes with sharing a bong or passing a joint.