Designing From Steel: Here's How Tarini Jindal Handa is Carving Her Niche

The third generation entrepreneur is the granddaughter of O.P Jindal, the founder of Jindal Group and the oldest daughter of Sajjan Jindal.

Vanita D'souza

· 4 min read

'NextGen Women' Outperform (Men) in Business. And They're Coming Into the Workforce

A new report finds it pays to have younger women on business teams. Will you include them on yours?

· 7 min read

Are Next Gen Entrepreneurs Really Lucky?

With great power, comes great responsibility

Sanchita Dash

· 4 min read

This Modi Scion Shows How The GenNext Entrepreneurs Are Transitioning Family Business To Tech

"With favourable government policies and an advanced banking regulator, fintech sector is prepared to intensify and diversify its impact"

Baishali Mukherjee

· 5 min read

This Next-gen Brought Life Back to Family's Tile Business

When Firdaus Variava took the reins of the business he knew what needed to be changed.

Komal Nathani

· 3 min read

What Next–Gen Members should do for Responsible Ownership?

They can facilitate better governance structure and oversight mechanisms in the business

Kavil Ramachandran

· 4 min read

This Entrepreneur is Dedicated to Transforming Education

Abhishek has embarked on building diversity in the organisation and has focused on digitalization and globalization

Entrepreneur India

· 3 min read

This Young Entrepreneur is Battling for a 'Clean India'

Diya has been extremely lucky in initiating her own project, backed by her parents.

Sugandh Bahl

· 3 min read

From Private Equity To Beauty Business, This Entrepreneur Has Focused on Growth

Apart from offline channels, this company's marketing team is aggressively promoting products online

Sanchari Ghosh

· 3 min read

These Third Generation Entrepreneurs are Spinning Success Across Diverse Domains

The six scions have worked towards making it a carbon-neutral company and promoted digital marketing initiatives across all their brands

Sugandh Singh

· 3 min read

This Pharma Company Director has Fire in the Belly to Scale New Heights

"When I had joined Mankind in 2008-09, it was a much smaller company. Most of the practices were sort of family driven.

Sugandh Bahl

· 3 min read

This Young Entrepreneur is Finding A Tech-Fix In Electronic Industry

Introduction of D2H into the market was another innovation towards getting a concept of satellite TV's.

Sugandh Bahl

· 3 min read