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Lindsay Friedman

· 1 min read

Your Smart Phone Might be Leaking Your Business Information

From your location to the timing of your photographs, your smartphone is an easy target for ads and hackers. Here's how to block that.

Rustam Singh

· 4 min read

Exclusive: The Secret Thoughts of Americans and Europeans

The anonymous messaging social-media app Whisper analyzed tens of millions of comments and teased out thematic trends for Entrepreneur.

Catherine Clifford

· 5 min read

Austria's Supreme Court to Decide if a Class-Action Lawsuit Against Facebook Is Allowed

A law student is suing the social network over its privacy policies, and more than 25,000 people are signatories.


· 2 min read

5 Things You Do Everyday That Make You Vulnerable Online

You could be putting your personal information at risk without even realizing it.

Emily Price

· 7 min read

Laura Entis

· 1 min read

Student Loses Facebook Internship After Highlighting Major Privacy Flaw in Messenger

Aran Khanna's Marauder's Map plugin showed the location of Facebook Messenger users, accurate to within a meter.

Rob Price

· 4 min read

Will the Next Threat to Consumer Privacy Target the WHOIS Protocol?

Someone's gotta protect the last vestiges of consumer privacy online.

Hari Ravichandran

· 5 min read