The Post Pandemic Cannabis Industry Will Continue To Bloom

A new study reports cannabis sales in 2020 have stabilized at a rate 40 percent higher than in 2019, setting the stage for further growth in a post-coronavirus world

· 3 min read

Is Cannabis Recession-Proof? COVID-19 Puts The Theory To The Test

In an uncertain world, cannabis has posted strong sales. But that doesn't mean its financial future is a sure thing.

Emily Paxhia

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5 Positive Trends For the Cannabis Industry

Why the business is uniquely well-positioned to survive, and possibly thrive, in an economic downturn.

Codie Sanchez

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20 Bold Predictions for the Cannabis Industry in 2020

We asked some of the top canna-preneurs where they see the weed going this coming year. Some of their answers might surprise you.

Green Entrepreneur Staff

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Bruce Linton Bets On The Next Big Things In Cannabis

After a high-profile firing at Canopy Growth, Bruce Linton has a lot of opinions about the next big opportunities in cannabis.

Jonathan Small

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11 Cannabis Predictions for 2019

Industry experts look into their crystal bongs and tell us what to expect in the ever-growing cannabiz.

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