The Psychedelics Market Continues to Thrive with No End In Sight

The market size for psychedelics is expected to reach $6.85 billion by 2027.

Rotem Gal

Why Microdosing Mushrooms Is All the Rage Right Now

It's not just because of Hulu's hit "Nine Perfect Strangers."

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Can Virtual Reality Simulate the Psychedelic Experience?

A company hopes to recreate psychedelic-like experiences through immersive virtual experiences.

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Can Psychedelics Help You Understand the Meaning of Life?

Indigenous tribes have been using them for centuries to get in touch with their divinity. Now science is catching on.

Denver Launces the First Psychedelic Harm Reduction Training In the U.S.

With psilocybin decriminalized in the Colorado city, it makes sense.

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Psychedelics May Inspire Healthier Habits, Review Finds

Positive impacts on both mental and physical health.

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New York City Gets New Psychedelics Wellness Clinics

The goal is to help relieve everything from depression to trauma-induced mood disorders.

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Teens and Ketamine: Can the "Club Drug" Help Battle Adolescent Depression?

Further study is required, but it's a possible first step toward effective treatment.

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House Report Calls on NIH to Study Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies

It's like a smoke signal for people who are curious about the subject.

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Deepak Chopra Credits LSD for Shifting His Consciousness

It was his "first experience with spirituality" at age 17.

Bruna Corsato