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Hunter Biden Admits To Using Toad Venom

The President's son describes a wayward life in his memoir 'Beautiful Things', diving into the darkness of drug deals, depression, and the general mayhem that accompanies a spiraling addiction.

A Brief History of Shrooms

Psilocybin from 10,000 B.C.E. to the present day to the future.

Jeff Lebowe

Researchers Are Closer to Understanding How Psilocybin Impacts the Brain

Several studies have proven that the psychedelic has a positive impact on mood and decreases depressive symptoms, but the mechanism of action was never determined. 

Kristi Pahr

How to Harvest Mushrooms

You've grown your own shrooms and now they're ready to be dried and consumed-but first things first, how do you know how to harvest mushrooms?

Tyler Koslow

Can Psychedelics Help Us Face Our Fear of Death?

There are no treatments available to help people cope with dying. Are psychedelics the answer?

Abbie Rosner

Navigating Psychedelic Voyages

Knowing your dosage and asking the right questions is critical.

Canada Now Has Psilocybin Dispensaries

We've seen the future and it's trippy.

Miro Tomoski

New Study Suggests We Need More Testing for Psilocybin Depression Treatments

More and more people are relying on psychedelics for mental health issues, but does it work?

This Is What Mushrooms Taught Me

Chris Gunlock shares how closing his heart brought on a chronic illness, and how powerful psychedelics helped guide a path towards recovery.

Mareesa Stertz

What Witches Can Teach Us About Plant Medicine

From ancient Greece to Gaeilge, witches used psychedelics for sorcery, prophecy, and divine connection.

Kate Belew

Psychedelic Businesses Can Be Leaders in Sustainability

But unfortunately, the list of natural psychedelic substances that haven't met careful environmental treatment is long and growing.

Evan Nison

Native Tribes Should Have More Say in the Psychedelic Movement

At the Psychedelic Liberty Summit, many voiced concerns over land conservation, the peyote sacrament, and the role of native voices in legislative reform.

Madison Margolin