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2020's Most Groundbreaking Developments in Psychedelics

The popularity of psychedelics is in full effect, and 2020 was a big year in how they're being used.

Lucid News

· 15+ min read

Miley Cyrus Says Ayahuasca Changed Her Life

The pop star describes her positive experience using the drugs, but doesn't think she'd try it again.

Nicki Adams

· 7 min read

San Francisco Psychedelic Society Reflects The Needs Of Its Community

The quest for cognitive liberty is winning the war on drugs.

Seth Warner

· 12 min read

How Toad Venom Changed Mike Tyson's Perspective on Life

The former heavyweight champ opens up about his experiences with psychedelics and the impact they've had on his life.

Faye Sakellaridis

· 4 min read

How to Support Someone Having a Bad Trip

A crisis counselor offers his tips for encounters in person, on the telephone, and over Zoom.

Adam Rubin

· 8 min read

Living An MDMA Love Letter

A husband and wife welcome a growing community of MDMA users into their home.

Colleen Newvine

· 7 min read

How To Make Your Joints Burn Slower

4 tips to ensure that your weed goes the distance.

Maria Loreto

· 3 min read

Psilocybin-Assisted Therapy May Be Four Times More Effective In Treating Major Depression

This is encouraging news for supporters of psychedelics as a way to cope with mental health issues.

Sam Woolfe

· 4 min read

What Music Should You Put On Your Psychedelic Playlist?

Tips from DJs and therapists on the best soundtrack for tripping out.

Chris Pezza

· 10 min read

Veterans Are Using Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy To Help With PTSD

Canada leads the way in using psychedelics to treat mental health issues.

Justin Hampton

· 3 min read

Magic Mushrooms May Help With Clinical Depression

A handful of biotech and pharmaceutical companies are experimenting with various delivery methods and dosage.

Cannabis & Tech Today

· 5 min read

Oregon Just Legalized Psilocybin. What Does This Mean?

The state becomes the first in the US to approve magic mushrooms, but its use will be regulated.

Alexander Vuocolo

· 6 min read