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Scientists Unlock Neurological Code of Dissociation

Bioengineers from Stanford were able to manipulate the activity of neurons in the brains of mice, getting them to fire in synchronized rhythms that recreate patterns correlated with dissociative states.

Sarah Ratliff

· 6 min read

MDMA Treatments May Be Cheaper Than Other Types Of PTSD Treatments

Psychedelics are becoming much more prominent when it comes to treating mental health issues.

Green Market Report

· 3 min read

Oregon Leads The Way For First U.S. Psilocybin Legalization

The first psychedelic to become legal may be psilocybin, which is well on its way along this path in the state of Oregon.

Chris Roberts

· 10 min read

A Crash Course On Opportunities In Psychedelic Medicine

PsyTech's free virtual summit gives participants insight into the medicinal movement.

Joshua Genuth

· 4 min read

What Groups Are Doing to Protect Against Peyote Poaching

More groups are joining the North American Indigenous organizations to protect the plant.

Ali McGhee

· 5 min read

What Is Psychedelilcs Role In An Ever Destabilized World?

As psychedelics become more accepted and mainstream, it's time to plan for a world where they're more commonly used.

Ido Hartogsohn

· 12 min read

A Closer Look At The Systemic Culture Problems Of The Psychedelics Industry

As it stands right now, the psychedelics industry isn't as all-inclusive as it might think it is.

Leia Friedman

· 15+ min read

The Psychedelic Election Is an Internet Addiction

Like a drug, this election is starting to consume our lives.

Bett Williams

· 10 min read

Five Key Takeaways From Aubrey Marcus' Webinar on Psychedelics

The fitness guru and entrepreneur has been using psychedelics to bio-hack his life for 21 years.

Jonathan Small

· 5 min read

5 Reasons I Switched To The Psychedelic Business

A former cannabis executive finds new life and meaning in psychedelics.

Matt Stang

· 5 min read

5 Ways Technology Is Powering The Psychedelic Movement

Thousand-year-old treatments are being fueled by future innovations.

Nikolai Vassev

· 5 min read

Ann Arbor Decriminalizes Magic Mushrooms

The Michigan city joins Oakland and Santa Cruz in decriminalizing entheogenic plants and fungi.

Lucid News

· 9 min read