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Ketamine Clinicians Publish Ethical Guidelines to Raise Treatment Standards

As psychedelics therapy continues to gain in popularity, clinics are beginning to change rules in order to build trust.

Ann Harrison

A Look into the Life of Tim Leary Through the Eyes of His Psychedelic Lover

'My Psychedelic Love Story', streaming now on Showtime, looks at one's relationship with LSD.

Darius James

Oakland's Psychedelic Decriminalization Approved Unanimously by City Council

The measure urges Oakland's leadership to work to decriminalize, rather than legalize, entheogenic plants and fungi.

Ali McGhee

Canada Is the New Hotbed for Psychedelics

The resurgence of psychedelics among Canada's medical professionals, researchers, organizations, and the overall population is real.

Kelsey Ramsden

MDMA Is Less Effective for Patients Who Use SSRIs, Study Shows

Patients who use SSRIs for treatment and management of their PTSD might not see as many benefits.

Kristi Pahr

How to Plan Your Next Psychedelic Journey

Before diving into psychedelics, remember that set and setting are everything.

Rachel Clark

What to Know about Testing Your Drugs

Before ingesting the good stuff, make sure you know how to test to make sure it's actually good stuff.

Mitchell Gomez

Why I Started a Psychedelic Law Firm

As the psychedelic industry continues to show progress, there is a growing need for lawyers who can guide companies and organizations.

Hadas Alterman

Why Training Therapists to Integrate Psychedelics Is Critical

Alternative medicine is on the rise, and it's time for traditional therapists to understand its effectiveness treating patients.

Beverly Stills

2020's Most Groundbreaking Developments in Psychedelics

The popularity of psychedelics is in full effect, and 2020 was a big year in how they're being used.

Lucid News

Miley Cyrus Says Ayahuasca Changed Her Life

The pop star describes her positive experience using the drugs, but doesn't think she'd try it again.

Nicki Adams

San Francisco Psychedelic Society Reflects The Needs Of Its Community

The quest for cognitive liberty is winning the war on drugs.

Seth Warner