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How To Make Your Joints Burn Slower

4 tips to ensure that your weed goes the distance.

Maria Loreto

Psilocybin-Assisted Therapy May Be Four Times More Effective In Treating Major Depression

This is encouraging news for supporters of psychedelics as a way to cope with mental health issues.

Sam Woolfe

What Music Should You Put On Your Psychedelic Playlist?

Tips from DJs and therapists on the best soundtrack for tripping out.

Chris Pezza

Veterans Are Using Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy To Help With PTSD

Canada leads the way in using psychedelics to treat mental health issues.

Justin Hampton

Magic Mushrooms May Help With Clinical Depression

A handful of biotech and pharmaceutical companies are experimenting with various delivery methods and dosage.

Oregon Just Legalized Psilocybin. What Does This Mean?

The state becomes the first in the US to approve magic mushrooms, but its use will be regulated.

Alexander Vuocolo

A New Wearable Ketamine Device Could Be Alternative For Opioid-Based Pain Management

The new technology includes a disposable pod of between 20 and 70 milligrams of ketamine, a needle, and a Bluetooth-enabled control unit that slowly delivers the dose over a period of 24 hours.

Sam Woolfe

Oregon Is On The Cusp Of Decriminalizing Everything

In an unprecedented decision, Oregon could set a major precedent in National Drug Reform.

Phillip Smith

DC and Oregon Pass Landmark Psychedelic Initiatives

Big wins legalization and decriminalization of magic mushrooms and other psychedelics.

Scientists Unlock Neurological Code of Dissociation

Bioengineers from Stanford were able to manipulate the activity of neurons in the brains of mice, getting them to fire in synchronized rhythms that recreate patterns correlated with dissociative states.

Sarah Ratliff

MDMA Treatments May Be Cheaper Than Other Types Of PTSD Treatments

Psychedelics are becoming much more prominent when it comes to treating mental health issues.

Oregon Leads The Way For First U.S. Psilocybin Legalization

The first psychedelic to become legal may be psilocybin, which is well on its way along this path in the state of Oregon.

Chris Roberts