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Black Executive Declines Board Appointment After CEO Mistook Him for a Valet

Attorney Adonis Hoffman rescinded his bid to be a board member at broadcast company Tegna after CEO Dave Lougee allegedly handed him his valet ticket.

Derek Major

7 Out of 10 Women Are Unemployed Due to the Pandemic

Harassment at work, machismo and lack of equal pay, the main problems for this gender in the labor market.


The Best Companies to Work for in Mexico in 2021

The companies are ranked according to the valuation of their collaborators or former collaborators.

Almost 60% of Mexicans Turn to a Second Job to Earn Extra Money

The rise in the country's unemployment rate has been a consequence of the pandemic.


10 Emerging Careers That Will Dominate the Future of Work

Hiring for artificial intelligence positions has grown 74% in the last four years.

United States Visas: How to Work as a Mexican Programmer in Silicon Valley

The Work Visa for Professionals (TN) opens the way for hundreds of Mexican programmers in Silicon Valley.

Hugo Cen

The 10 Most Demanded Tech Jobs in 2021

The search for talent with digital and technological skills has increased 20%, according to the 2021 Compensation Study prepared by Michael Page.

The Black Female Funding Gap and Those Who Are Changing the Tide

While we're still lightyears away from where we need to be for true equality, there are venture capitalists and founders alike who are truly changing the tide.

Women and Minority Founders Still Vastly Underfunded, New Report Finds

While there are signs of incremental progress, insights from RateMyInvestor and Diversity VC suggest there's a long way to go in equitable funding.

Kenny Herzog

6 Key Actions to Develop Your Growth Mindset

It is not about denying your own difficulties, but giving yourself the opportunity to be better.

Gustavo Giorgi

The 2 Certainties In the Pandemic: Teletraining and Teleworking

The reality changed. Build your differentiation strategy or approach based on these two certainties.

This Advice From My Dad Made Me Change Careers

And it can help you find your calling in life and business.