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Roadmap for a Defense System Against Notorious Cybersecurity Threats

Aadhaar cards and bank accounts of people, who were enrolled for government schemes, were publicly displayed

This Cybersecurity Company Claims It Won't Allow Ransomwares To Attack Your Systems

Hyderabad-based firm said it has developed 'ZeroXT' to protect data-at-rest against a variety of threats

Komal Nathani

WannaCry Ransomware: What You Need to Know

If you've been wondering what WannaCry is and if you're at risk, here's the lowdown.

Chloe Albanesius

WannaCry Pressing Alarm Button To Beef-up Cyber Security

Role of AI in cyber security is huge as new age attacks can be detected by interpreting the pattern

Sanchita Dash

4 Ways Ransomware Companies Behave Like Legitimate Businesses

The nefarious firms that target your data have become pretty sophisticated operations.

Liz Webber

3 Ways to Protect Yourself from a Ransomware Disaster

U.S. small businesses are losing $75 billion per year due to this cyber menace.

Can Cybercriminals Hold Enterprises As Their Hostage Digitally Anytime They Want?

With the number of attacks targeting existing software vulnerabilities still increasing, it is more important than ever to keep all your software patched and up to date.

Amit Nath

Is Paying up the Only Response to Ransomware?

Imagine walking into your office to find a padlock on your computer. Here's how to fight back.

Richard Walters

House Blocks Google-Hosted Apps, Yahoo Mail Over Security Fears

The two restrictions have both been implemented within the past two weeks and are still in place.


How Network Segmentation Can Help Entrepreneurs Manage Ransomware Risks

Like most cyber attacks, it may be just a matter of time before your company is compromised. This one tip will help you avoid the damage when it happens.

Peter Gasca

Adobe Issues Emergency Update to Flash After Ransomware Attacks

The software maker urged the more than 1 billion users of Flash on Windows, Mac, Chrome and Linux computers to update the product as quickly as possible.


In First-Ever Campaign, Hackers Target Apple Users With Ransomware

Security experts estimate that ransoms total hundreds of millions of dollars a year from cyber criminals, who typically target Windows users.