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4 Tips for Launching a Successful Midwestern Startup

Want lower costs, a stronger community and a higher profile for your great idea? Quit flying over the newest startup hot spots.

Jason Barbour

· 6 min read

5 Reasons Early-Stage Startups Should Relocate to Asia

Why be 'ramen-profitable' in San Francisco when you can be 'pad thai-profitable' in Chiang Mai?

Michael Park

· 8 min read

What Happened When I Broke the Rules of Entrepreneurship

Why one entrepreneur left the bright lights, big city -- and hefty paycheck -- and took a chance in the Midwest.

Zac Carman

· 7 min read

As Britain Turns Inward, One Company Isn't Waiting Around

'We cannot wait for two years to see what will come out of this,' managing director of Encocam said.


· 6 min read

This Shepreneur Is Touching Billion Lives Globally by Her Innovative Product

"I would say that entrepreneurship is in my DNA, it comes very naturally to me."

Samiksha Jain

· 5 min read

Moved To A New Home: 5 Must Do's

Before you mark the beginning of your relocation success, there are still a couple of things which you need to do around the house and can brook no delay.

Aseem Khare

· 4 min read

Lindsay Friedman

· 2 min read

5 Ways to Position Your City as the Next Startup Hotspot

Reno, Nev., for one, is recasting its image as a faded gambling town.

Constance Aguilar

· 7 min read

Moving to a New Office? 7 Questions You Need to Ask About Tech.

Although amenities, location, comfort level and pricing are important things to consider when looking for new office space, tech infrastructure is most important.

Arie Barendrecht

· 6 min read

How to Update Your Online Presence While You're Moving

Tips to make those easily forgotten, sometimes annoying but absolutely necessary changes.

Scott Langdon

· 5 min read

A Family Business for People on the Move

Work-life balance is not any easier for spouses in business but sharing success is an ongoing celebration.

Daphne Mallory

· 4 min read

So, You Want to Move Your Startup to Silicon Valley. Now What?

Entrepreneurs should be very careful on how and when to make such a dramatic move, and be very clear on the 'why.'

Noam Bardin

· 12 min read