Remote Work

TikTok Employees Will Return to the Office 3 Days a Week

The policy will apply to all workers and interns in the United States, United Kingdom and Ireland.

Apple employees do not want to return to the offices and write a letter to Tim Cook

This occurs after the technology company informed that they would implement a hybrid work model.

Companies will bet on hybrid work schemes, only 5.7% will keep the permanent home office

According to INEGI, the number of companies that will adopt the home office permanently was reduced, but 1 in 3 workers prefers to resign if they are asked to return to the office, so they will look for hybrid work schemes to reconcile.

Millennials least want to go back to their offices

Young employees will seek schemes that allow them to maintain their health, professional growth and personal development.

When was remote work born and what are its benefits?

Virtualizing the workday is no longer just an option, it is a global trend that is here to stay.

How to Make a Home Office (for Entrepreneurs, Freelancers and Employees)

Not everything is WhatsApp and email and you have to learn new platforms that work well for our businesses.

Goodbye to labor borders! So you can offer your professional services in the United States

They launch a platform that helps Latin American professionals access job opportunities abroad, working remotely.

Home Office Law: How Does It Affect Entrepreneurs?

The changing legal landscape of employment when we're all working from home.


5 remote working myths Slack found in the pandemic

Only 11.6% of the people surveyed by the platform want to return to full-time office work.