Rental businesses

Rental businesses

#5 Reasons Why Rental Fashion Industry will Grow in India

High-end designer outfits are so expensive that people are choosing to buy them less with time

It's Time to Make Way for Public Bicycle Sharing on Indian Roads

Europe and China have already witnessed the significant success of this environment-friendly system
Online Marketplace

All You Need to Know to Start an Online Rental Marketplace

The main concern that people have before renting a used product is its quality.
occupation hazards

Chaos Alert: Popular Indian Startup Founder in Legal Tussle Post Shutdown

Stayzilla has gotten entangled in a criminal case that has led to founder Yogi Vasupal's arrest.

Do I Need an LLC for My Rental Property?

More specifically, do I need one LLC for each rental property, or one LLC for all of my properties?

This Entrepreneur Dedicated his Entire Career to Sustainable Development

Zoomcar is India's first and largest self-drive rental player.
Real Estate

Real Estate Veteran's Take on #3 Things to Impact the Indian Property Market in 2017

Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, demonetization, GST Bill are likely to impact the real estate market in 2017
Car Rental

What the Future of Car Rental Industry in India Might Look Like

The car rental market has several factors in its favor that are responsible for its growing success in the country.
Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway's New Store Is Set Up to Be Your 'Dream Closet'

We visited the revamped designer dress rental store in New York City that combines tech and fashion.
Real Estate

4 Risks to Watch Out for Before Investing in a Property in Bengaluru

More than 25% of residential properties in Bangalore either have title flaws or inadequate permissions from government departments
Trends 2017

Emerging Trends In The Shared Economy Space in 2017

The number one trend that will emerge in 2017 is that the idea of a shared economy will fall in the consideration set of a consumer's mind
Rental businesses

Why Rental Homes Will Be the Next Big Thing in the Coming Future?

Web/app based concept allows service providers to tap into a larger audience base, which helps increase occupancy rate.

These 5 Startups Help You Beat Common Relocation Woes

All set to relocate, but hard to find new home and friends? Read below to find the answer to this question.

Airbnb and New York Are in Talks to Resolve Rental Law Lawsuit

The lawsuit came amid ongoing clashes between the online lodging service and local public officials seeking to minimize the impact of short-term rentals.

San Francisco Lawsuit and New York Law Highlight Global Risks for Airbnb

In eight years of torrid growth, the company has often clashed with local public officials seeking to minimize the impact of short-term rentals on neighborhoods.