How to Win the Flavor Game

A chief botany officer offers lessons learned developing flavoring for infused products.

Courtney Maltais

· 5 min read

No, Science Has Not Proven Marijuana Lowers Your IQ

This myth keeps getting repeated. But science shows that the truth is much more complicated.

· 3 min read

The DEA May (Finally) Allow Private Companies to Grow Cannabis for Research

Up until this point, only the University of Mississippi has been allowed to grow research marijuana. That will soon change.

· 3 min read

Women Are More Likely Than Men to Swap Pharmaceuticals for Pot

And they're doing it despite getting less support from doctors.

· 3 min read

Stoner Myth Debunked: Workers Who Use Marijuana Do Not Have More Accidents

A new study shows employees who use cannabis are not at higher risk for injury on the job.

· 4 min read

New Study Finds THC May Ease PTSD

Veterans, who are twice as likely to die from opioid overdose than non-veterans, are especially interested in cannabis treatments for PTSD and chronic pain.

· 3 min read

Can Cannabis Treat Concussions? NHL Players Want To Know

A new study involving NHL alumni and Canopy Growth focuses on the effect of weed on head injuries

· 3 min read

Study: Cannabis Does Not Lead to Increased Pain Sensitivity

Research from Canada has found that, unlike opioids, using cannabis as a treatment does not lead to increased pain sensitivity.

· 3 min read

Large Study Will Examine THC Treatment For Alzheimer's Patients

Previous studies have found an association between using a synthetic THC product and lower levels of agitation in people with moderate to severe cases of Alzheimer's disease.

· 4 min read

Cannabis and Sex: CBD Lube Promises To Enhance Life In The Bedroom

In a survey of those who have tried CBD lube, 68 percent said it improved their sex life.

· 4 min read

Happy Highs: Cannabis Brands Find Success Marketing Joy and Well-Being

Feel good blends. Giggly strains. Cannabis marketing has one unique offering in its packages: joy, a momentary reprieve from the world.

Lindsey Bartlett

· 6 min read