How to Be Resilient in Retirement

I get that your anxiety is currently at an all-time high. But, as we begin to slowly and patiently recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s time to re...

Deanna Ritchie

Investment Regrets: We All Have Them, Here's How to Live with Them

You know the long list of investment regrets: Not starting to invest soon enough, selling at the wrong time, going for the safe option, et cetera. Lea...

Melissa Brock

Understanding Annuities and Taxes: Mistakes People Make

When it comes to taxes, we all have to pay the piper. In this case, the piper is Uncle Sam. So, even though you’ve seemingly already paid your fair sh...

John Rampton

Should You Buy An Annuity in Your 20’s?

Conventional wisdom says that the sooner you start saving and planning for retirement, the better. And that totally makes sense. Thanks to compound in...

Albert Costill

Why Millennials Could Become the Wealthiest Generation in History (and How to Join the Club)

Are you a Millennial? You have amazing power at your disposal. Here's how to reap what you can if you haven't yet gotten started.

Melissa Brock

How to Find the Present Value of an Annuity

Because annuities offer advantages like regular lifetime payments, premium protection, tax-deferred growth, unlimited contributions, and various inves...

John Rampton

Why Annuities Are Better Than Equities

If you’re saving for retirement, it’s advised that you focus on assets that drive portfolio growth. And, two of the best opinions that will achieve th...

Albert Costill

Understanding Annuities: A Quick Read Guide

Did you know that over the last four decades, life expectancy has increased in the U.S.? While there was a concerning decrease in 2020, mainly because...

John Rampton

What's Holding You Back from Your First $1 Million? Check Out These Possible Culprits

Many wealthy people say that earning their first $1 million was the hardest. Check out these possible roadblocks to your own first $1 million.

Melissa Brock

Best Ways to Generate Tax-Free Income in Retirement: Think About This Stuff Now

Nobody wants to pay taxes on hard-earned income in retirement, including you. Here's what you can do to sidestep paying taxes in retirement.

Melissa Brock

Annuities 102: Fixed Annuity

In the first installment in this occasional series of blogs, we wrote about annuities and provided a 101 guide and introduction. In that blog, we cove...

Daniel Cotter

3 Signs it's Time to Dump Your Company 401(k) Plan — Pronto

On the fence as to whether your company offers a good 401(k) plan? It might not. Take a look at the signs why you may need to ditch your company's 401...

Melissa Brock