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Best Ways to Generate Tax-Free Income in Retirement: Think About This Stuff Now

Nobody wants to pay taxes on hard-earned income in retirement, including you. Here's what you can do to sidestep paying taxes in retirement.

Melissa Brock

Annuities 102: Fixed Annuity

In the first installment in this occasional series of blogs, we wrote about annuities and provided a 101 guide and introduction. In that blog, we cove...

Daniel Cotter

3 Signs it's Time to Dump Your Company 401(k) Plan — Pronto

On the fence as to whether your company offers a good 401(k) plan? It might not. Take a look at the signs why you may need to ditch your company's 401...

Melissa Brock

Think You Need to Roll Over Your 401(k) After You Leave Your Job? 6 Reasons You Might Not Want to, Explained

Are you one of the employees that left or plans to leave during the Great Resignation? Here's why you might want to leave your old 401(k) right where...

Melissa Brock

Is an Annuity a Passive Income?

Warren Buffet once said, “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” And, the Oracle of Om...

Deanna Ritchie

3 Great Ways to Make Passive Income in 2021

Experts say you should save about $1 million for retirement. Here's how to make sure you can.

Kevin Leyes

Is a Longevity Annuity a Good Guaranteed Retirement Savings Strategy for You? 

Think you might want to tap into a guaranteed income strategy through longevity annuities? Let's go over why people choose them if they're worried abo...

Melissa Brock

What is the Best Thing to Do With an Inherited Annuity

I am by no means a financial wizard. So, I was taken aback several years ago when a friend asked for some serious financial advice. He had recently re...

Albert Costill

Best Retirement Planning Advice Ever: Know Thyself

Did you neglect taking career assessments during high school or college? You may be sacrificing major retirement savings if you're not in the right ca...

Melissa Brock

Did You Just Become a Gig Worker? Start Saving for Retirement Now — or this Might Happen

Did you just become a gig worker? Having trouble getting going on saving for retirement. Me, too. Let's walk through this issue together.

Melissa Brock

What is a Tax-Deferred Annuity?

Just this morning I booked my room for an upcoming wedding. What I’ve preferred when making a room reservation is that you aren’t charged until you ch...

John Rampton

Sluggish on Saving for Retirement as a GenXer? Take This Approach

GenXers, do you have the recommended amount saved for retirement? You might be just shy of that goal, so let's do a quick check. Also, learn more abou...

Melissa Brock