Indian Hospitality Unicorn OYO Hotels & Homes Widens Global Net Loss To $335 Million

Amid difficult times, OYO Hotels & Homes global consolidated revenue stood at $951 million for FY19

Shreya Ganguly

· 2 min read

WhatsApp India's Maiden Profits Brings Glad Tidings Amid Troubles

WhatsApp's India business reported a profit after tax of INR 57.18 lakh for FY2019

Shreya Ganguly

· 3 min read

From Techno to 'Tech.-Yes'! How Technology is Revolutionising the Music Industry

The global recorded music industry raked in USD 19.1 billion worth of revenue in 2018, which was close to 10% more than that of the growth in the previous year

Aditya Prasad

· 5 min read

Here's Why Indian Government Should Let the Automotive Sector Shakeout

While taxes from auto-sales account for a percentage of its revenue, the government might be reluctant to bail out an industry due for a correction

Mohan Krishnamoorthy

· 4 min read

Diversity as a Culture: That's What the World Needs

It is imperative to shed light on organisations that have been championing the cause of diversity and how it has impacted them monetarily

Pallavi Dhawan

· 4 min read

How Blockchain Will Revolutionize Murky Music Industry Relationships and Practices

Instead of focusing solely on traditional revenue models, artists and their teams need to consider incorporating technology to develop new revenue pipeline models

Michaela "Mickey" Shiloh

· 5 min read

Three Ways to Survive as a Startup Beyond the First Three Years

Invest time in finding the right cofounders and building a lasting founding team

Kevin Ng

· 6 min read

Dreaming of Better Revenue? Altering Your Sales Communication Maybe the Way

Customer's mindset is the nucleus to concentrate on and nothing else matters

Hiren Shah

· 5 min read

How can App Developers Maximize their Revenue?

Here are some monetization strategies that you can employ to improve your revenues significantly

Saurabh Bhatia

· 3 min read

Vietnam Among Top APEC Economies For Foreign Investments

APEC business leaders are also very well aware of the need to invest more in becoming digital

Nidhi Singh

· 3 min read

5 Key Areas to Focus on While Integrating Cloud-based Strategies

Selecting a cloud service provider is like a buying decision between Washington apples vs the Himachal apples

Jagat Pal Singh

· 3 min read