Artificial Intelligence

3 Ways to Robot-Proof Your Job

Northeastern University president Joseph Aoun outlines a plan to save humanity's role in the workplace.

How to Stop Some Dumb, Destructive Bot From Ruining Your Company's Poll

You have to be vigilant to make sure your poll results are real, not driven by a hired botnet.

Por qué este hotel japonés decidió despedir a sus robots

Resulta que, después de todo, los robots pueden no ser los mejores trabajadores.
News and Trends

Are Machines Taking Away Our Jobs?

The recent report by World Bank clearly brings up this "question" that has been haunting the economy of humanity ever since technology made its advent into the world

How AI, Cloud Computing, and Machine Learning are Solving the Problem of Sourcing the Demand for Specific Skills

Are modern innovations meeting the demands of specific skills? Here's what the truth is

The Shape of Things to Come

With the advent of AI and automation, there has been a shift in the way a lot of things are done.

Postmates Unveils Its Adorable Autonomous Delivery Robot

Serve looks a bit like Wall-E, but for bringing your lunch to the office.
3 Things To Know

More Robots Might Mean Less Coffee, and More CBD (60-Second Video)

Here are three things entrepreneurs should know today.

Robotics: A Threat to Manpower?

The robots shall also be able to perform surgeries and operations in the health sector and according to several studies, they shall overtake humans with their skill and proficiency

Human Tech Support Still Has a Future

Tech will empower, not replace, human beings.

Why Southeast Asian Countries Are Leading the Robot Adoption Race

Europe and the US lag significantly behind

How Japanese Look At the Rising Trend of Automation

Growing reliance on robots and computers will lead to joblessness and income inequality, finds the survey

Robots Aren't Taking Over The Job Market Just Yet

Don't worry humans, your jobs are safe from the threat of robots...for now, at least