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Post-Covid Cannabis Retail Events to be Held In Seattle

Retail Vision will take place this November and help identify what's to come in the industry.

Greg James

· 3 min read

Wunder Enters the THC-Infused Beverage Game

Now that recreational cannabis has become legal in more states, THC-infused beverages have emerged as an alternative to booze.

Anthony Noto

· 7 min read

How to Cut Costs and Make Your Cannabis Extraction Operation More Efficient

There are several ways marijuana extraction firms can save money while seeing better results.

Bart Schaneman

· 5 min read

How to Navigate the Dreaded Tax Code 280E

Inside insight on how cannabis businesses can navigate the code ahead of this year's tax season.

Colton Griffin

· 5 min read

How to Grow a Successful CBD Business in 2021

The industry might be booming right now, but due to an oversaturated market, it takes the proper strategy to stand out among the rest.

Kat Merryfield

· 7 min read

4 Steps to Avoid Dispensaries' Biggest Tech Mistake

Rather than go with the cheapest solution, companies need to understand how a robust tech solution can benefit them over time.

Jim Roddy

· 5 min read

How the Pandemic Forced Positive Change for Cannabis Retailers

Marijuana shoppers adjusted their buying habits during the pandemic, and companies have adapted accordingly.

Soloman Israel

· 8 min read

Is Self-Checkout the Next Big Thing In Cannabis Retail?

According to AUSA CMO Max Aceituno, self-checkout is a "benefit for the manager, the staff and the customer. You can be in and out in five minutes."

Patrick Wagner

· 7 min read

6 Simple Tips to Reduce Employee Turnover

Employee satisfaction and engagement are critical to the bottom line of any business.

Maureen Moriarty

· 5 min read

Cannabis Businesses Can Shield Against Product-liability Claims by Managing Supply Chain

Experts don't think cannabis businesses take these threats as seriously as they should.

Omar Sacirbey

· 6 min read

Marijuana Cultivators Should Rethink How They Measure Water Use, New Report Says

These efficient resources will become more important – just as they have for other agricultural crops.

Andrew Long

· 4 min read

How Are Industry Leaders Continuing to Innovate During Covid-19?

With the ongoing pandemic, the cannabis industry has continued to adapt.

Monica Stockbridge

· 3 min read