Running a Business

Why I Am All In on CO₂ Extraction

A cannabis extraction expert comes clean on his preferred solvent.

Jesse Turner

· 7 min read

COVID Spurs New Safety Measures For Dispensaries

The global pandemic has changed the way businesses do things in consumer-facing shops.

Conor Dale

· 5 min read

5 Ways Growers Can Boost Profits

Margins make all the difference when running a small cannabis business, so take these tips to efficiently increase revenue.

Green Market Report

· 4 min read

Here's How To Get The Best ROI When Breaking Into New Cannabis Markets

Deciphering the best entry points in the emerging marijuana market is essential.

John Schroyer

· 7 min read

Why Testing Vape Emissions Is More Important Than Testing Oil

With all the focus on testing concentrates, doesn't it seem strange that all these products haven't gone through emissions testing, too?

Arnaud Dumas de Rauly

· 5 min read

Derek Porter

· 7 min read

Standing Out In The Oversaturated CBD Market Is Tough: Here's How To Do It

The CBD industry is littered with options, and that type of competition can be hard for brands to differentiate themselves.


· 8 min read

How Some Cannabis Brands Plan On Breaking Up Vertical Integration

Instead of owning the entire cultivation process, one argument is to focus on just one stage and excel at it.

Ryan Douglas

· 5 min read

Not Sure What Seeds To Select For Sustainable Crops? We Have The Answer

Every cannabis grower tries to be as sustainable as possible, but it's not always so easy.

Ebby Stone

· 6 min read

How To Fully Maximize Your ROI

Sure, there are lots of challenges to your cannabis business, but utilizing available resources can bring serious returns.

Alex Glueckler

· 4 min read

5 Dirt Cheap Cannabis Marketing Tactics

You don't have to have a huge budget to promote your brand, but you have to be smart about it.

Gregg Greenberg

· 10 min read

Luxury vs. Value: What Type Of Weed Do Your Consumers Want Most?

As cannabis sales spike due to the coronavirus pandemic, consumers appear to be seeking value over luxury, forcing some high-end producers to look at different marketing tactics

Adriana Hemans and Spike Smith

· 6 min read