Running a Business

There's a Growing Trend of Ancillary Cannabis Vendors Advising on Sustainability Practices

"We want the supply chain of services supporting the industry to be consistent with the supply chain for the direct industry participants."

Megan Chiamos

· 5 min read

Cannabis Extractors Share Valuable Lessons They Learned During Covid-19

The global pandemic shuttered operations and threw marijuana brands' supply chains into disarray. Here's what operators took away.

Kristen Nichols

· 6 min read

Grow Room Design Will Make or Break Your Business

Establishing your facility's precise goals from the outset is key.

Aaron Mullins

· 7 min read

What Will the Future of Cannabis E-commerce Look like after Federal Legalization?

In the near future, the cannabis industry may finally have access to interstate commerce and mainstream financial and banking services.

Meredith Mahoney

· 5 min read

How to Ensure Adequate Water Supply for Outdoor Cannabis in a Drought

Growers should try replenishing their irrigation ponds early and often to ensure they have enough water through the season and to safeguard against potential natural disasters.

Laura Drotleff

· 6 min read

Cannabis Companies Eye Carbon Footprint Labels on Their Products

Hemp and marijuana companies are considering whether to jump on a trend experts say will intensify as governments double down on climate goals.

Laura Drotleff

· 6 min read

Running a Flower Business Helped This Company Start Growing Hemp

The industry still needs more education as to the benefits of hemp clones over seed, so consumers still have a lot to learn about how hemp and CBD can benefit them.

Nick Thomas

· 5 min read

Branding Pays off for Marijuana Companies

It's important to have something consumers can visually identify with.

Andrew Long

· 4 min read

A Pharmacist Weighs in on How To Know If Your CBD is Safe

An anecdote to the misinformation being fed to CBD customers.

Chris Adlahka, PharmD

· 4 min read

These Are the Best Practices for Purchasing a Secondary Cannabis Business License

Stick to basics such as growth, profitability and management, and don't throw healthy skepticism out the window.

John Rebchook

· 8 min read

The Success of the Legal Cannabis Ecosystem Relies on This

Increasing the power of businesses, governments, patients, and consumers to make smart, safe decisions.

Nina Simosko

· 6 min read

How Golden Leaf Went From Burning Cash to Earning It

After Jeff Yapp took over as CEO of Golden Leaf Holdings, he quickly realized how difficult the journey would be to turnaround the company.

Brian Beckley

· 12 min read