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6 Convincing Reasons You Should Consider Subscription Boxes

With the pandemic and slotting fees limiting indie brands' access to dispensaries, sub boxes are an effective way to get your brand directly to the consumer.

Alex Milligan

· 7 min read

Looking For Help Improving Productivity? Here's How A Centuries-Old Cannabis Company Is Doing It

During these trying times of a pandemic, a successful cannabis company offers tips on how to improve productivity.

Cannabis & Tech Today

· 4 min read

Quality Will Be The Key Differentiator For Cannabis Exports

As the marijuana industry goes global, brands looking to expand need to focus on quality first.

Johnny Green

· 4 min read

The Coin Shortage Is Further Highlighting Cannabis Industry's Payment Problem

As one operator said, "we started running out of quarters, and suddenly we started to feel an impact."

Marijuana Retail Report

· 5 min read

These 7 CBD Marketing Secrets Will Take Your Brand To A Different Level

These marketing strategies will help your CBD brand really stand out from the competition.

Al Elio

· 5 min read

Do These New Wave Of Multi-State Weed Operators Really Have The 'Secret Sauce' To Succeed?

Multi-state marijuana operators are taking advantage of acquisition and licensing opportunities to expand their geographic footprints.

Jeff Smith

· 7 min read

You Can Learn A Lot From Neko Catanzaro, The Woman Behind Some Of Arizona's Top Weed Brands

Recently promoted to President of Proven Media, one of the Arizona's leading cannabis PR firms, the industry pro brings a wealth of experience.

Mary Staff

· 3 min read

The Number One Most Essential Marketing Element for Cannabis Brands

Trust develops flourishing customer relationships Here's how to build it.

Tim Carter

· 5 min read

Legal Weed Prices Don't Need To Be Slashed In Order To Compete With Illicit Market

There are other ways to buy legitimate marijuana without making it mega cheap.

Omar Sacirbey

· 2 min read

Josh Swider

· 6 min read

4 Things You Need To Know Before Hiring Croptober Workers

The main harvesting season is right around the corner. Here's how to hire the best workers.

Karson Humiston

· 5 min read