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Breaking the Grass Ceiling: What Issues Women Executives Face in Cannabis

Recently released cannabis-related white papers outline the different challenges women executives face.

Kaitlin Domangue

· 5 min read

Market for Licensed Marijuana Businesses Heats up as Buyers Snap up Retail Stores, Other Properties

With the lack of inventory in the space, the cannabis businesses that are selling are getting higher premiums.

John Schroyer

· 9 min read

Here's How Some Cannabis Industry Leaders Are Working to Dismantle Systemic Racism

During the Fall Emerge 2020 Virtual Cannabis Conference & Expo, industry-leading advocacy organizations addressed the concerns surrounding social equity in the cannabis industry. 

Chynna Pearson

· 5 min read

How Cannabis Brands Should Market to Gen Z and Millennials

A new report helps cannabis and mainstream marketers better understand their customers.

Daniel Abrahami

· 5 min read

How to Successfully Expand Into Other Categories

A CBD company gets into the hydration business. Here's why and how they made it happen.

Matt Lombardi and Kevin Moran

· 5 min read

Cannabis Companies Are Turning to This Mainstream Marketing Tactic to Help Hype New Items

Brands are incorporating product drops to generate more consumer interest.

Bart Schaneman

· 8 min read

The Cannabis Industry Has a Chance to Change the World

In an industry born of "firsts," let's be the leading industry to address issues of racial inequity from the ground up.

Nancy Whiteman

· 5 min read

Cannabis Packages Adapt to Consumer Preference

Brands are getting smarter about how they're marketing products to customers.

Marijuana Venture

· 4 min read

Real Estate Advice for Cannabis Entrepreneurs

Location's one thing, but there's so much more to know when getting into retail.

Peter Padden

· 5 min read

Black Leaders Step up to Battle Inequity in the Cannabis Industry

The Equity for Industry Program match employers with prospective candidates of the cannabis community.

John Dyer

· 4 min read

Now Retailers Hold the High Cards

As the cannabis industry rethinks how it does business, real estate developers and landlords are pivoting big time.

What Cannabis Retailers Can Expect in 2021

2020 disrupted the retail cannabis industry. For success in the cannabis sector in 2021, operators should set their sights on these four areas. 

Travis Steffen

· 5 min read