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The Top 3 Most Common Hemp Test Fails

Every year, hemp farmers must destroy thousands of dollars in crops due to failed testing. Here's what they can do to prevent their losses.

Roger Brown

You Make Good Money as an Extractor If You Follow These Strategies

Marijuana extraction companies can get good prices for their heir concentrates and infused products if they follow these suggestions.

The Pandemic Creates an E-commerce Business Where There Was None

The story of Jushi Holdings going digital is emblematic of the entire cannabis industry.

Spencer Israel

Here Are Some of the Wild Innovation Happening in the Cannabis Industry Right Now

As the industry continues to evolve, these are some of the creative ways cannabis companies are marching forward.

3 Critical Metrics to Watch During This Earning Period

How to tell which multi-state operators are legit, and which are relying on hype.

Joe Caltabiano

Why I Am All In on CO₂ Extraction

A cannabis extraction expert comes clean on his preferred solvent.

Jesse Turner

COVID Spurs New Safety Measures For Dispensaries

The global pandemic has changed the way businesses do things in consumer-facing shops.

Conor Dale

5 Ways Growers Can Boost Profits

Margins make all the difference when running a small cannabis business, so take these tips to efficiently increase revenue.

Here's How To Get The Best ROI When Breaking Into New Cannabis Markets

Deciphering the best entry points in the emerging marijuana market is essential.

John Schroyer

Why Testing Vape Emissions Is More Important Than Testing Oil

With all the focus on testing concentrates, doesn't it seem strange that all these products haven't gone through emissions testing, too?