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Los Angeles Proposes 'Major Course Change' For Cannabis Business Licensing

In a series of recommendations to the Los Angeles City Council, the city's cannabis department proposed an immense overhaul of its business licensing structure and social equity program.

John Schroyer

The Hottest Cannabis Brands Of The Week (6/20-6/26)

Which cannabis brands have made the biggest impact on social media, earned media, and website marketing this week? Here are the top 25.

6 Steps To Steering Your Cannabis Business To Recovery

As the economy continues to reopen, make sure you follow these steps to ensure survival.

Ross O'Brien

4 Genuine Ways Your Brand Strategy Can Adapt To Social Change

A communications specialist gives tips on advocacy positioning for your cannabis company.

Evan Nison

5 Things You Probably Don't Know About Cannabis Compliance

Being compliant comes with many myths and misconceptions. Here are a few.

Jon Lowen

Cannabis Companies Are Eligible For These Coronavirus Federal Payroll Tax Credits

The Families First and CARES acts each provide credits that can reach $5,000-plus per employee.

'Creating A Welcoming, Safe Environment For All' - Q&A With Anh Solis Of Plantacea

In this series, Ophelia Chong, co-founder of Asian Americans for Cannabis Education, mines critical advice from the most powerful Asian American entrepreneurs in the cannabis space today.

Ophelia Chong

How To Market Your Company In Uncertain Times

Join PR Guru Rosie Mattio to hear about wins and fails in marketing your cannabis business during a pandemic.

5 Reasons Podcast Advertising Offers A Unique Opportunity For Cannabis Brands

Podcasting has gone mainstream, with more than half of the U.S. population listening. Here's how cannabis brands can tap into that audience.

4 Key Differences Between The Florida And California Cannabis Consumer

The Sunshine State and the Golden State don't see eye to eye, but there are also some interesting similarities.

Cory Jones

Your COVID-19-Related Business Losses Might Be Covered by Insurance

While many cannabis businesses don't have access to government relief funds, they might find some assistance from insurance.

Gary Smith