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Simply Pure CEO Wanda James Wants Women to Brag More

James, the first African American woman to own a dispensary in Colorado, shares her thoughts on women being more bold in the cannabis industry.

Taylor McLamb

· 6 min read

How Cannabis Companies Can Utilize Biometric Identification

Fingerprints, retina shapes, and voice waves may all be used soon to verify a customer's legal status.

Kent Gruetzmacher

· 4 min read

Marijuana Companies Weigh How to Approach COVID-19 Vaccinations for Employees

Deciding who does and doesn't get inoculated first is no easy task.

Bart Schaneman

· 6 min read

5 Smart Ways to Sell Your Marijuana Business

Before looking for a buyer, make sure your cannabis company checks these boxes first.

Adrian D. Garcia

· 8 min read

Laura Fuentes

· 4 min read

What the Best Hemp Manufacturers Have Learned from the Wine Industry

Three important lessons from today's top craft CBD makers.

Harvey Craig

· 4 min read

Chynna Pearson

· 3 min read

The Cannabis Job Outlook in 2021 Is 'strong' Despite Suffering Layoffs Throughout 2020

Employment in cannabis pre-2020 could be seen as more of a job, whereas now, people see the industry as a true career investment.

Nina Zdinjak

· 9 min read

Don't Miss the Boat: How Cannabis Can Keep Up with the Shift to E-Commerce

Marijuana and CBD industries have been thriving, but current regulatory hurdles may cripple their growth into ecommerce. Here's what to do.

Don Kasdon

· 6 min read

These Key Strategies Helped Marijuana Companies Thrive in 2020

It wasn't an easy year, but some companies were still able to do well.

Omar Sacirbey

· 3 min read

How To Achieve a Safer Vape Experience

Consumer misconceptions still abound about cannabis vape products. Here's what we can do as an industry.

Cameron Forni

· 5 min read

5 Common Shipping Mistakes to Avoid

For CBD sellers, here are some cost-effective tips on how to ship product correctly.

Brian Tu

· 7 min read