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How Golden Leaf Went From Burning Cash to Earning It

After Jeff Yapp took over as CEO of Golden Leaf Holdings, he quickly realized how difficult the journey would be to turnaround the company.

Brian Beckley

What You Need to Know About Hiring Seasonal Workers

Planting, harvesting, and trimming are all still mostly done by hand and require intensive manual labor.

Laura Drotleff

Employees Can Make or Break Your Cannabis Store, So Hire Wisely

Spending time and knowing what to look for goes a long way in the success of a cannabis dispensary.

Soloman Israel

3 Cannabis Security Strategies That Will Also Save You Money

Avoid drawn out regulatory investigations and decrease the risk of facing penalties.

4 Ways to Avoid Making Dispensaries' Biggest Mistake

A leading cause of business failure isn't spending too much on technology, it's a lack of surrounding yourself with the best people to improve fulcrum areas of the business.

Jim Roddy

How to Stock up and save on Marijuana and Hemp Cultivation Supplies

When growing season arrives, an adequate supply of materials need to be on hand.

Bart Schaneman

How I Retain Staff in the High-turnover Cannabis Industry

Employees often come and go quickly from marijuana businesses, but the right strategy can help keep them around for longer.

John Kaweske

Why It's So Hard to Cultivate Indoor Premium Cannabis on a Large Scale

Lack of experienced cultivators and the complexities of growing large crops has become a problem in the industry.

Jason Navarrete

4 Ways to Achieve Longevity in the Cannabis Business

The industry is a marathon, not a sprint. Here's how to finish strong.

Margot Micallef

Beyond Potency: The 6 Most Important Hemp and Cannabis Tests

The future of hemp and cannabis relies on the industry's dedication to quality, education, and inspiring consumer trust. To meet these goals, companies must go beyond potency testing.

Roger Brown