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5 Ways To Build A Powerful Social Media Influencer Network

Influencer marketing has become a multi-billion industry. Here' show CBD company beam tapped into the power of brand ambassadors.

Lindsey Bartlett

· 4 min read

5 Reasons You Need To Automate Your Cannabis Business Right Now

Hard times call for smart solutions to human problems.

Cullen Raichart

· 5 min read

5 Things Every CBD Company Needs To Know About USDA Certification

The USDA's National Organic Program is a great way for brands to stand out from the competition. But getting approved isn't easy.

Josh Epstein

· 4 min read

How To Engage Remote Employees In The Age Of Social Distancing

How do you keep employees focused and engaged from a distance?

Keegan Peterson

· 5 min read

Cannabis Branding Strategy Do's And Don'ts

Branding in cannabis is infinitely more complicated than any other industry. Here are some tips on how to navigate its complexities.

Larisa Bolivar

· 5 min read

Is There An Appetite For Cannabis-Infused Meal Kits Delivered To Your Door?

Blue Apron? More like Blunt Apron. Ganja-infused grub offerings in legal cities, like Boston, have taken the meal kit to new heights.

Lindsey Bartlett

· 15+ min read

CBD Cigarette Maker Hires Philip Morris Strategist As New CEO

A Las Vegas-based company preparing to launch a brand of CBD-containing hemp cigarettes later this year has appointed a former Philip Morris strategist as its CEO.

Hemp Industry Daily

· 2 min read

Oren Todoros

· 5 min read

Weighing The Risks And Rewards Of The Current Cannabis Investment Landscape

Some companies' need for capital could turn into a boon for investors in the cannabis space.

Ryan Douglas

· 6 min read

An 'Inconvenient Truth' About Indoor Growing

"You can't kind of engineer your way out of this," Evan Mills said. "There's an alternative, which is growing it outside."


· 6 min read

Happy Highs: Cannabis Brands Find Success Marketing Joy and Well-Being

Feel good blends. Giggly strains. Cannabis marketing has one unique offering in its packages: joy, a momentary reprieve from the world.

Lindsey Bartlett

· 6 min read

I Couldn't Find A Quality CBD Supplier. So I Became One.

Hard lessons from a former engineer on breaking into the cannabis space.

Dave Neundorfer

· 6 min read