How Cannabis Technologies May Help Combat COVID-19

Enhanced delivery and testing techniques could be valuable tools for researchers.

Patricia Miller

· 3 min read

Can Cannabis Cure Cancer? What The Research Says, And Claims To Avoid

No, cannabis does not "cure" cancer. But cannabinoids work well on symptoms, and doctors report in a new study that cannabis inhibits cancer cell growth.

· 4 min read

What Is CBG And How Does It Differ From CBD?

A chemical compound that also comes from hemp is gaining attention as possibly a better and more potent alternative

· 3 min read

Italian Researchers Find Cannabinoid That May Be 30 Times Stronger Than THC

Inside the discovery of a potent new compound called THCP.

Green Entrepreneur Staff

· 2 min read

The Woman Who Invented Cannabis Tracking

Nine years ago, the idea of tracking cannabis from seed to sale was an outlandish notion. Then Jessica Billingsley came along.

Mark Hay

· 7 min read

How Israel Became the Global Leader in Cannabis Research

Israeli researchers have explored the plant's seemingly limitless beneficial uses for decades while the US remained stubbornly in a prohibition dark age.

· 4 min read

Call Them Canna-Bees. How Cannabis Helps Bees and Vice Versa.

Researchers say that bees use cannabis to de-stress. And entrepreneurs say that honey from stoner bees is the next big thing.

· 4 min read

Burgeoning Marijuana Industry Has a Growing Need for Scientists

The cannabis industry increasingly is viewed as immense source of new jobs at all skill levels.

· 3 min read

Thomas Jefferson University Receives $3 Million Marijuana Research Grant

Although more than half of US states have legalized marijuana for medical use only now is the nation's first research facility for medical marijuana opening.

· 3 min read