Sears EU sobrevive la bancarrota… 'apenitas'

El presidente de la marca, Eddie Lampert, logró comprar los activos de la empresa y salvar 45,000 puestos de trabajo. Pero, ¿por cuánto tiempo podrá evitar la muerte de la firma?

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Este es el plan de Sears para salvarse de la quiebra en Estados Unidos

El tiempo de vida de Sears está agotándose, pero tiene preparado un plan para sacar a flote la compañía.

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The Lessons We Can All Learn From Sears's Branding Blunders

Somehow, the tagline "Life. Well spent" just didn't cut it. Here's why.

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Por qué Sears no va a 'quebrar' en México

Se resume en dos simples, pero poderosas palabras: Carlos Slim.

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How Small-Business Owners Can Avoid Sears's Fatal Mistake

Sears had the chance to beat Amazon at its own game. Instead, it closed stores and retrenched.

Ben Judah

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Sears Eyes Quick Rollout of Small Stores if Test Is Successful

The move comes as Sears tries to bounce back from a five-year stretch during which it lost more than $8 billion as it closed hundreds of stores and sales dropped sharply.


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Sears Closes 78 More Stores

The company, which had 1,672 stores as of the end of January, said it would close 10 Sears department stores and 68 Kmart discount stores, with nearly all of the closings occurring in late July.


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5 Trends That Will Shape Retail in 2015

Retailers in 2014 worked harder than ever to fuse their physical and online stores. Here's what's in store for 2015.

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