Shiny Object

Managing Employees

6 Ways to Save Your Team From Crashing and Burning

Without a strong team, no matter how great the vision, it cannot be executed properly.

Before we Write The Death of the Wallet, Here's the Smarter Version

To catch up with the modern requirements and needs, Cuir Ally, a leather wallet brand, came up with its all new smart wallet range for the tech-savvy entrepreneurs

3 Strategies to Triple Your Company's Growth

Stop chasing every shiny object and focus on these key growth strategies.

Do You Have 'Shiny Object' Syndrome? What It Is and How to Beat It

Fortunately, it's not a diagnosable affliction, but it can make you take your business down the wrong path.

A Stylish Debut For World's Thinnest Laptop!

Hitting the right notes, processor giant HP has launched in India.

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Shiny Object

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