Secretary of Economy undertakes to promote a law for the timely payment of SMEs

Tatiana Clouthier explained that this proposal seeks that large companies pay small businesses on time so that they have a flow of capital and can continue operating.

Amazon wants to help Mexican SMEs through this event

Amazon Impulsa is a free virtual event that will take place on October 13 and 14.

Do you want to digitize your SME? BanBajío offers credits for up to 30 million pesos for the technological transformation of your business

BanBajío will provide loans to finance the digitization of small and medium-sized companies through Microsoft's Digital SMEs initiative.

SMEs show first signs of recovery after crisis: Facebook

41% of Mexican SMEs trust their ability to continue operating during the next 12 months, reveals the new edition of Facebook's Global Report on the State of Small Businesses.

Google presents the first edition of a program to help Mexican SMEs to sell online

The objective of "Grow your sales with Google" is to support more than 30 thousand SMEs during their economic recovery process.

This Founder Has Built Full-Stack Supply Chain Payments Solutions for SMEs

PayMate offers a suit of tech services to its clients to solve their end-to-end supply chain payments woes

Shipra Singh

This free program for all of Latin America will help you expand your business

ASEM, Facebook and allies offer this training until October 8. Find more information here!

In a cloud-first world, preparation will be key

For students, entering the job market better equipped means mastering the cloud.

Camila Frías

How to build long-term profitability (with digitization)

There are 4 keys that are basic for the recovery of your business after the pandemic.

Rodrigo Segal

How have SMEs fared during the economic reactivation?

The main causes of failure include a lack of knowledge in the market, poor business management and problems in obtaining financing.

Advantages of developing an app for your business

Having a digital application is a differentiating factor that surprises consumers and will help position you.

This is how Microsoft wants to support Mexican SMEs in their recovery and growth

The firm will provide advice to business owners on how they can improve their operation in a technological way.