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Indian PM Narendra Modi's Top #6 Sops for Small Business Owners & Farmers for 2017

Modi said he is overwhelmed by the public support post the demonetization of INR 500 & INR 1000 notes.

Aashika Jain

Don't Have The Budget To Market Yourself? Read #7 Tips For SMEs

Small business entrepreneurs need to be smarter, wiser in ensuring market credibility in a limited budget.

Komal Nathani

This Startup Is Cutting Out The Middleman From Indian Retailers' Profits

This cloud integrated mobile-based interface is aiming to interconnect 60% of Indian retailers in an $800-billion sized Indian retail market.

Komal Nathani

Demonetisation has already affected the SMEs says Carnegie India Think Tank Chief

Governments can also small businesses in improving digital capabilities by upgrading local connectivity infrastructure and introducing digital literacy programs that help firms boost their online presence.

Sneha Banerjee

Demonetization Could Become the Stepping Stone For Indian SMEs to Embrace Digitization

With digital lending platforms offering working capital finance in a click of a button, these segments will be able to avail easy, instant credit and eventually drive up business volumes - Capital Float

Changing the Shared Service Landscape with Robotic Process Automation

Robots are applicable to data and document intensive processes that are repetitive in nature and are rules based.

Taking the Concept of Co-Working Spaces to Larger Corporates, SMEs and Other Domains

The co-working space market has never looked at the needs of SMEs, MSMEs, CAs and lawyers who also require smaller and well-equipped office space

If You are an SME, You May Want These Chatbot Tools

To do away with drudgery, millions of brands and startups are making an effective use of this conversational commerce tool.

Komal Nathani

Why Cybersecurity Matters to Startups And Small Businesses?

Small business and start-ups do not consider security as a priority which is a dangerous trend.

Anuj Goel

Indian SMEs, Startups Have to Digitize Businesses Today, They Don't Have an Option

Joyjeet Bose, Vice President, Sales and BES at Tata Teleservices, spoke to Entrepreneur Media about the hiccups faced by SMEs in adopting technology.

Small Businesses Don't Have the Luxury of Time says This US-based Franchise Expert

Having a backbone of support mentorship can be useful for entrepreneurs when it comes to steering the business from the infancy level to a profit-turning one.

Aashika Jain

Pradhan Mantri's Mudra Yojana – Funding the Unfunded!

Under the aegis of the yojana, MUDRA has created three products as per the stage of growth and funding needs of the beneficiary micro unit.