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How Innovation In The Fintech Space Can Solve Basic Necessities Of Our Life

Move from cash to online payments could bring significant amount of discipline and regulation across tiers and help clamp down on corruption

Sneha Banerjee

External And Internal Factors To Consider For SMEs To Innovate

Innovation has a wide range of meanings, and it is not necessarily linked to high technology.

Marc Proksch

AskmePay rolls out a wide portfolio of financing options to SMEs

AskMe group launches financing options for SMEs with the launch of its new program AskmeFin.

Kalraj Mishra gears up to mentor SMEs

The minister says need of the hour is to build the future along with 40 million registered MSMEs as they are the backbone of the economy.

Why you should patent your innovations?

Realising the importance of IPRs, the govt is creating awareness among stakeholders & finding ways to simplify the patent filing process.