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Drake, Killer Mike, Al Harrington and More Want All Non-Violent Cannabis Offenders Pardoned

More than 150 artists, athletes, and social activists remind President Biden of his promise.

Maureen Meehan

3 Meaningful Ways The Cannabis Industry Can Support Black Lives Matter

As a son of Haitian immigrants, a Navy veteran, and a cannabis entrepreneur, I know that more needs to be done.

Guy Rocourt

Accountability List Calls For Racial Corporate Responsibility In Cannabis And Hemp

Cannaclusive's Accountability List offers consumers and entrepreneurs a comprehensive look at racial justice initiatives from companies posting on social media, behavior, and action.

A 'Wake-Up Call' For The Cannabis Industry - Q&A With Mimi Lam of Superette

"I am proud to be a person of colour in cannabis, but this is an industry that is far from equal or just," says Mimi Lam of Superette.

Ophelia Chong

Bernie Sanders And Cory Booker On What Legal Cannabis Would Mean For People Of Color

The senators analyzed how cannabis criminalization drives deep wedges into society with long-term, damaging consequences.

Brendan Bures

Black-Owned Hemp And CBD Businesses You Need To Know About

These entrepreneurs are working to transform and broaden the color spectrum of the industry.

Method Man Launches Cannabis Firm To Support Black Entrepreneurs

Rapper and actor Method Man said he's launching a new marijuana business specifically aimed at boosting other Black-owned cannabis companies.

76 Percent Of Consumers Support Expungement Of Felony Records For Cannabis Offenses

A recent survey found the vast majority of cannabis consumers today support nationwide criminal justice reform.

The Role Marijuana Legalization Can Play In Fighting Racial Injustice

Though NORML said marijuana legalization will not solve racial injustice in America, the organization believes it can be "an important part of this emerging discussion."

Brendan Bures

21 Black Documentaries, Podcasts, And Books To Expand Anti-Racist Education

Weedmaps News compiled a list of books, documentaries, and podcasts that speak to the racial injustice, police brutality, and long-lasting pain felt by Black people in the United States.

Nic Juarez

How To Achieve True Equity In Cannabis - Q&A With Liz Jackson-Simpson and Angela White

"To build wealth within the equity community, you've got to open the door and create opportunity that is intentional," says Liz Jackson-Simpson of Success Centers.

Los Angeles County To Dismiss 66,000 Cannabis Convictions

Automatic record clearance at-scale can help right the wrongs of the War on Drugs, officials say.

Nina Zdinjak