GST solution

This Third-gen Entrepreneur Saw the Business Opportunity in GST a Year Before its Launch

His company has tied up with BSNL to provide GST solutions at a pan India level

Are Software Developers Becoming the New Enterprise?

The founding teams of most start-ups in India predominantly consist of developers
Success Stories

How to Build a Tech Company That Works for Franchisers

Naranga CEO Mark Montini breaks down his company's four-pronged strategy.

Can Embedded Analytics Change the Game for Early-Stage Software Startups?

Tech startups face a real conundrum when it comes to giving processing and presenting data.

The Uphill Battle of B2B Marketing: A Success Story

Integrate announces its fourth round of venture funding, but founder and CEO says, "This one's not about the money."
GST Bill

Dear GST! Here are #7 Softwares to Simplify You

We present to you the top 7 GST compliant software solutions that you could use to be a GST-ready entrepreneur.

These Entrepreneurs are Making Renting Houses in Mumbai an Easier Task

The duo had started out by renting a small office space in Mumbai with their personal investments.
Sales Strategies

What Makes For A Good Sales Pitch?

The right attitude, self-confidence and a well-designed sales pitch can play a critical role in sales success

The Scientific Salesman for Sales Data

PipeCandy has annual contracts with customers like Freshdesk, FarEye, and Zarget and the cost depends on the amount of insight or record a company seeks.

Actually, There's Not an App for That: Innovation and the Physical World

By pairing software and hardware in inventive new ways, visionary companies can disrupt even the most disjointed or stagnant industry.
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The Workforce Wonder

According to International Telecommunication Union, says FarEye, there are 1.3 billion deskless workers globally who aren't technologically driven

Se acabaron los pretextos para no tener un Sistema ERP

ManagementPro pone fin a los obstáculos, presentando una solución innovadora, segura y de menor costo.

Why Tech Companies Are Pumping Money Into Artificial Intelligence

They are looking forward to new opportunities in AI to transform their daily operations

What Actually Promotes And Inhibits Entrepreneurial Growth?

Entrepreneurs need a business plan, which will be flexible in order to align to the needs of the changing market dynamics
Windows 10

11 Hidden Tricks Inside Windows 10

Even if you think you know it all, you don't.