Spotify Is Launching Its Video Service This Week

Users of Apple's iOS will have to wait.

Suscripciones digitales que puedes regalar

Este fin de año obsequia productividad con membresias que impulsen la carrera y negocio de quien amas.
Music Industry

Troy Carter Talks About the Future of Technology and Music

The music industry entrepreneur sees streaming as an unstoppable force that will benefit musicians and their fans.
Plan de Negocios

Spotify: 6 alianzas que aseguraron su éxito

¿Para qué generar rivalidad donde puede haber una amistad?

Music as Medicine? The Sexy Idea with a Non-Sexy Timeline.

The Sync Project wants to use songs to improve your health. But first it has to come to market.

Why You Shouldn't Freak Out Over Spotify's New Privacy Policy

There are valid reasons why the company has asked to collect info stored on your phone.

Your Free Spotify Account Could Look Very Different Soon

The music streaming service is rumored to be considering new limitations on its free version.

Report: Apple Could Release New iPod Models Tomorrow

Hold your earbuds. Remember Apple's pocket digital jukeboxes? Hey, wait. People still use iPods?!

People Are Freaking Out Over Spotify's New Logo

The updated color scheme prompted some strong feelings over Twitter. Here's a sampling.

Spotify Founder: No Need to Be No. 1 in Music Streaming

'To me it is enough to be among the top three,' Daniel Ek said.

Latest Investment Values Spotify at $8.2 Billion

The music-streaming company gets another $115 million for a batch of newly issued shares.

Apple to Take on Spotify With $10 Monthly Streaming, Web Radio Programmed by Celeb DJs

The company will announce a new music streaming service at its Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday.

Spotify ofrecerá contenidos en video

También dejó entrever que prepara un acuerdo con Nike para llevar su música a la aplicación para correr de la firma.

Spotify to Add Video Content, Announces New Partnerships

The music streaming service is making moves to expand beyond its core business.