Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking's Final Paper on Black Holes Is Now Online

It presents a solution for the black hole information paradox.

Mariella Moon

Every Business Owner Should Listen to These 3 Very Non-Business (But Very British) Podcasts

The problems of one person or one business are seldom significant in the context of a big world with a long, long history. Paradoxically, that is very comforting.

Gene Marks

7 Worthy Takeaways From Stephen Hawking's Work to Make the Most of Your Time

Treat learning and discovery as a journey and a process rather than as a goal. Things will look a lot simpler and more exciting

Gagan Singla

11 Inspiring and Hilarious Quotes From Stephen Hawking

The world-renowned astrophysicist left behind a thought-provoking legacy of wit and wisdom.

Esta es la impactante predicción de Stephen Hawking para la Tierra

El científico británico aseguró que la humanidad acabará con el planeta, al convertirla en una bola de fuego en 2600.

Alto Nivel

Fan Of Technology? These 3 Innovation Leaders Caution Against It

Stephen Hawking recently claimed that artificial intelligence could bring human demise as machines rise up and overtake us in the evolutionary race.

Nidhi Singh

Watch Stephen Hawking Audition A-List Actors to Be His New Voice

Actors and tech leaders competed for the 'once-in-a-lifetime' opportunity.

Rose Leadem

Stephen Hawking: The Obesity Epidemic Is a Problem 'Beyond My Understanding'

In a powerful, minute-long public service announcement, the theoretical physicist, who suffers from ALS, talks about the fourth biggest cause of death.

"Solo nos quedan mil años en la Tierra": Stephen Hawking

El renombrado científico señaló que a permanencia de la humanidad en el planeta ya tiene fecha de caducidad. Esto inspira la labor de emprendedores como Elon Musk y su empresa SpaceX.

Dan Bova