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Everything You Need To Know About iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max

Keeping the price the same, the iPhone will start at $749 in the US and the features of the phone will be a lot similar to XR
ტოპ ანტრეპრენერები

სტივ ჯობსის ცხოვრების 20 გადამწყვეტი მომენტი

Entrepreneur ამერიკის ერთ-ერთი უდიდესი ინოვატორის ცხოვრების მნიშვნელოვან დეტალებს იხსენებს

10 Entertaining Business Documentaries Entrepreneurs Can Learn From

Documentaries are how you chill with a movie and come away smarter.
Vida emprendedora

Esto es lo que revela la firma de Bill Gates sobre su personalidad

Hay quienes creen que la grafología puede dar pistas sobre la personalidad. Conoce las rúbricas de los gigantes tecnológicos.
Success and Failures

How 'Failing Up' Actually Helps Your Reputation

It takes more than success to build a memorable personal brand.
Growth Strategies

Celebrating Failure: The Way to Success

Needless to say these are 2 sides of the same coin but the 2 sides are not identical, one is Heads, the other something else
Consejos de expertos

21 consejos para jóvenes emprendedores

Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, entre otros, tienen tips para quienes empiezan un negocio propio.
Customer Experience

Here's Why Customer Experience is the Driving Force for Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs

Customer experience can change the fortunes of a company and Bezos, Gates and Jobs are the best examples to take lessons from

Quién muestra el mejor liderazgo: ¿Steve Jobs o Mark Zuckerberg?

Conoce las principales diferencias y similitudes en el estilo de liderar de dos de los empresarios más exitosos del siglo 21.

Key Entrepreneurial Takeaways from the Life of Steve Jobs

On his 64th birthday, entrepreneurs share key takeaways from the life of the most revolutionary man in the tech world
Entrepreneurial Journey

My Biggest Lesson in Success? How to Thrive by Proving Others Wrong

Want to motivate yourself when confronting others' doubts? Try these 3 steps for turning naysayers' words into fuel and keeping an eye on the prize.
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El día en 2001 en que Steve Jobs cambió la comunicación (y el mundo) para siempre

Todo el mundo conoce sus gadgets, pero pocos saben el impacto que Steve Jobs tuvo en la forma en que hablamos cada día en los negocios... y en la vida.

How to Succeed in an Industry You Know Nothing About

There's nothing about a lack of industry knowledge that some directed learning, judicious hiring and trust building can't fix.
Decision Making

How to Pick Your Best Idea and Leave FOMO Behind

You can't solve all the world's problems but, if you focus, you could solve one.