Steve Jobs


Steven Jobs's Wisdom Lives On

Here is what a crypto PR specialist learned from the most iconic American entrepreneur of our time.

With a Global Mindset and Flexibility You Can Outpace Any Competitor

People who make it work for others are often rewarded with bigger and bolder opportunities.

The Secret Weapon 2 Famous Founders Deployed to Build Their Mega-Successful Companies

As Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos found, success comes when you turn your business into a reflection of your values.
Steve Jobs

What You Can Learn From Steve Jobs About Distorting the Truth to Advance Your Vision

The "reality distortion field" is how great leaders inspire.

¿Qué carrera debo estudiar para ser emprendedor?

No es indispensable ir a la universidad para triunfar en los negocios (como Steve Jobs), pero puedes sacarle provecho para emprender.

Steve Jobs da lecciones para sumar talento a tu startup

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Is it Possible to Balance Multiple Careers at the Same Time?

If you are passionate about only one thing – you do only that. Your whole life centers around that one thing and you can't thrive without doing that.

¿Sabías que Siri podría leer tus mensajes de WhatsApp?

La actualización del iOS 11 tiene un pequeño problema de privacidad, con tan solo pedírselo, la asistente virtual leerá todos tus mensajes de mensajería instantánea.

Why Steve Jobs Remains the Biggest Challenge to Dropbox's Future

The late Apple founder's vow to take on Dropbox's business could come back to haunt the cloud storage company as it prepares for its IPO.
Steve Jobs

An Error-Ridden Job Application Steve Jobs Handwrote in 1973 Sold for 6 Figures at Auction

The auction house originally estimated it would sell for more than $50,000.

10 Personality Traits of Legendary Entrepreneurs

Success begins by cultivating the mindset required to take risks and lead teams.
Steve Jobs

Una solicitud de empleo llena de errores de Steve Jobs será subastada

La hoja llenada a mano por el cofundador de Apple en 1973 se está vendiendo a un precio inicial de 50,000 dólares.

This Innovation Expert's Research Shows How Anyone Can Be Like Elon Musk or Steve Jobs

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