Super Bowl


Jeff Bezos and Lizzo Hung Out During the Super Bowl

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Lizzo were two of the many celebrities who traveled to Miami to watch Super Bowl LIV on Sunday night.

Está es la lista completa de los comerciales que se verán este año en el Super Bowl

Fox cobrará hasta 5.6 millones de dólares por un spot de 30 segundos durante el gran juego de la NFL.

¿No saben partir aguacates? Hay casi 30 mil heridos cada año en el Super Bowl por 'quitarle el huesito'

The Wall Street Journal estima que entre entre 2013 y 2017 hubo 27 mil 59 heridas de este tipo, la mayoría durante el Super Bowl.

Sports Talk in the Office Could Be Discriminatory Against Women

Is it, as one HR expert suggests, a "gateway to more laddish behavior"?

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Super Bowl

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The Super Bowl is the annual championship game held by the National Football League, the highest level of professional football in the United States. Because the Super Bowl is one of the most highly-viewed television events of the year, affiliated with massive food and beer consumption and highly anticipated musical performances and  commercials, the event provides many advertising and marketing opportunities for businesses.