Police raided a warehouse for drugs ... and 'found a bitcoin mine'

Authorities raided a warehouse thinking they would find an illegal marijuana plantation, but discovered computers mining bitcoins.

The Success of the Legal Cannabis Ecosystem Relies on This

Increasing the power of businesses, governments, patients, and consumers to make smart, safe decisions.

Nina Simosko

A Tech Startup Didn't See the Solution They Were Looking for, So They Built It

The founders of Drop Delivery, all under 30, believe there is no other industry with a greater opportunity for innovation than cannabis.

This Is Why Investment in Cannabis Tech Is at Its Highest Level since 2019

The surge in cannabis sales during the pandemic sparked a flurry of investment in the cannabis industry as everyone looks for the boom to continue in 2021 and beyond

Can AI Solve Dispensaries' Biggest Challenges?

The entrepreneurs behind touCanna are betting on it.

Mike Mejer

Why You Should Replace Your Cotton Face Mask With Hemp

Most natural fibers are at odds, and it is no different when considering cotton and hemp.

Vishal Vivek

Weed's Big Tech Wish List

Amid the pandemic, one expert said the industry needs a robust online presence. At the moment, fewer people see cannabis billboards and companies can't set up booths at conferences and events.


'Brands Are Investing In Technology' - Q&A With Richard Huang

In this series, Ophelia Chong, co-founder of Asian Americans for Cannabis Education, mines critical advice from the most powerful Asian American entrepreneurs in the cannabis space today.

Ophelia Chong

How Technology Will Keep Cannabis Afloat During The Pandemic

Cannabis producers around the world are finding digital solutions, embracing automation in their operations to streamline workflows.

Jay Evans

Technologies From The Cannabis Sector May Help Fight COVID-19

Across the globe, companies are racing to develop a cure for COVID-19. Technology from the cannabis industry could be useful in creating a vaccine or oral treatment.

Patricia Miller

Three Reasons To Adopt AI Automation Technology In Your Grow Operation

Modern cannabis cultivators need to incorporate technology to stay competitive. Here's why.

Brett Strauss

The Woman Who Invented Cannabis Tracking

Nine years ago, the idea of tracking cannabis from seed to sale was an outlandish notion. Then Jessica Billingsley came along.

Mark Hay