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#8 Mantras Every Thought Leader Should Follow to Attain a Healthy Lifestyle

When you're a thought leader, every day is pretty demanding. To master the article of balancing a healthy lifestyle with work, we spoke to renowned fitness and lifestyle expert Jas Mathur who gives us 8 tips on being physically fit and mentally strong

Priyadarshini Patwa

· 8 min read

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12 Productivity and Time-Management Books to Read this Summer

Want to get more done this summer? Check out some of these books.

John Rampton

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10 Incredible TED Talks About Time Management You Should Watch Right Now

These time-management talks can help improve your productivity.

John Rampton

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Rick Grossmann

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When Your Business Runs Out of Your Home, How Do You Restore Work-Life Balance?

Whether it's delegating better or streamlining communication, there are accessible ways to avoid blurring the lines.

Jennifer Spencer

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3 Ways to Give Back That Don't Require a Financial Investment

Yes, you can make an impact when millions are struggling. Here's how.

Seyi Tinubu

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How Low-Value Work Is Hurting Your Bottom Line

Want to be more productive? Cut out the inessential tasks.

Aytekin Tank

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How I (Almost) Doubled My Productivity While Working From Home

Stop thinking about how much you expect to accomplish, and start being realistic about how long it will take.

Neil Gordon

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How to Automate Technology to Help Run Your Businesses

Your business should work for you, not the other way around. Here are some tips.

Andrew Medal

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How to Compartmentalize Work and Life Stress During Difficult Times

It's important to create guidelines and establish distinctions when you need to get more done.

John Rampton

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