With Consumption Lounge Bill Passed, Las Vegas Poised to Lead on Cannatourism

In states like Nevada and New York, there's a real "if we build it the tourists will come" vibe.

Lesley Balla

What the legalization of cannabis and the growing wellness industry mean for tourism in Mexico

Mexico is the third country to legalize recreational cannabis nationwide. Of the three, it is by far the one that attracts the most tourists.

El Planteo

Idaho Residents Are Buying A Ton Of Cannabis In Oregon

Recreational marijuana at Oregon dispensaries near the Idaho border are 420 percent higher than sales in the rest of the state

Brexit Bummer: Brits Banned From Amsterdam's Cannabis Coffee Shops

Authorities are considering placing portable urinals alongside passport queues to drug test Brits when they enter and leave the EU.

Brendan Bures