One More Reason to Take Public Transportation: Edible Hemp Tickets

Germany hasn't legalized weed yet, but it's definitely on their mind.

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TSA And Cannabis: What You Need To Know This Holiday Season

The rules seem to change daily. Here's the latest.

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Smoking Weed In The Nude? This Jamaican Resort Allows It

Finally, you can (legally) get high in the buff outside of your own home.

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5 Countries With Tough Marijuana Laws

If you have plans to travel, know what to expect.

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As Americans Resume Travel, Cannabis Tourism Is Expected to Boom

About a third of vacationers polled say they interest in weed-related activities.

The First Government-backed Marijuana Tourism Campaign Launches in Northern California

Modesto's "MoTown CannaPass" aims to encourage visitor spending in the cannabis industry.

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Can I Take Marijuana on a Plane?

As travel starts to pick up again, more and more questions arise about the legality of flying with weed (in airplanes).

Bob Marley Museum in Jamaica Will Finally Sell Weed

When you can find THC and CBD products in the famed musicians former home and recording studio.

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At Hedonism Resort, Weed Is Legal And So Is Smoking In The Nude

The clothing-optional hot spot in Jamaica has an on-site dispensary.

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Canna-Tourism Company Curates Trips for Influencers

Hi Curious organizes trips for media members and social stars to generate buzz about cannabis.

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Alaska Pours Itself a Beer While Awaiting Easy-Access Pot

While Alaska's legal access to weed is a bit of a bear, the Frontier State's high-altitude hooch couldn't be more accessible.

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