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#7 Travel Trends to Take Note of in 2017

Users are now increasingly relying on mobile devices to do more in their lives.
Trends 2017

Trends Which Are Going to Dominate the Mattress Industry in 2017

When Indian consumers travel abroad, they are exposed to international levels of sleeping comfort of the finest innerspring mattresses. These experiences remain with them when they come back, as they hope and search for a similar experience back at home.
Trends 2017

2017 Will Be a Year of New Experiences in the Travel Industry

Exploring 'Cultures' and 'Local flavors' will be the essence of travel!

Top 5 Trends for Travel Apps In 2017

With real time tracking available and public agencies moving all offline timetable data online, travel will now become seamless
Travel Businesses

The Untapped Area of Travel Ecommerce - Best Way to Enter This Highly Competitive Sector

The success of these marketplaces has also inspired a surprisingly large number of start-ups to try to replicate the model within the tours and activities sector.
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7 Ways to Stay Productive While You're Traveling

Being productive while you're traveling is all about finding ways to create your own space to work.
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Here's What Helped These Travel-based Startups Raise Funds this Year

Investors look for solid business model that genuinely adds value to the customer's life

Get 100% Real-Time Digitalised Bus Ticket At Your Door Step

Simplify and streamline bus ticketing processes.
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10 Things That Will Make Business Travel Easier On You

Travelling for business is a breeze with some practical hacks that make your trip fun and stress-free.

Stop Wandering, Start Travelling- Ways To Make Your Travel More Fulfilling

ry and travel both short and long distance in local transportation with local people.

Why This New Age Travel Solution Gets Thumbs Up

V Resorts is developing new destinations for tourism.
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This Startup Now Allows Like-Minded People to Travel Together

This startup is building India's largest portfolio of small-group travel journeys focused on specific interest groups and traveller types.
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Diving Into The Entrepreneurial Sea

Scuba diving and entrepreneurship! It doesn't get better than this.
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How Is This Startup Wooing Travellers To Opt For Camp Sites Over Hotels

OYO Rooms is involved in hotels and is now entering in studio stays and is not present in the camping space yet.

Top 5 Apps to Ease Your Travel Woes This Summer Vacation

Now you'll only need to worry about how to get a leave from work, not burning a hole in your pocket