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Internal Strife Rages At Facebook Over Zuckerberg's Response to Trump

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Friday the company would leave up a post by President Trump which appeared to threaten U.S. protesters. Twitter placed the same post behind a block for "glorifying violence."

8 formas de hacer crecer tu audiencia a un millón de seguidores en redes sociales

Llegar a este deseado número puede significar que las grandes marcas te empiecen a poner atención. Aquí te decimos cómo lograrlo.

Twitter Slapped a 'Glorifying Violence' Label on a Trump Tweet That Threatened George Floyd Protesters in Minneapolis With Getting Shot

In his tweet, Trump said that the military might get involved in the protests and that "when the looting starts, the shooting starts."

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Twitter advierte por primera vez que un mensaje de Donald Trump es engañoso

La red social alertó a sus usuarios que unas afirmaciones hechas por el mandatario sobre el voto por correo fueron falsas y que sus verificadores de hechos las habían desmentido.
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6 Effective Mantras for Brands and Influencers to Grow & Ace Their Online Presence

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Twitter busca frenar las teorías de conspiración sobre el Covid-19 con advertencias y hashtags

"Estas advertencias informarán a las personas que la información en un tuit entra en conflicto con la guía de los expertos en salud pública antes de que la gente lo vea", dice la compañía.
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Twitter Moves to Curb COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories With Warnings, Labels

'These warnings will inform people that the information in the Tweet conflicts with public health experts' guidance before they view it,' the company says.

Twitter podría advertirte si estás siendo agresivo en una respuesta

La red social se encuentra probando la opción de avisar al usuario cuando esté usando lenguaje ofensivo.
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Elon Musk Hastily Deleted Tweet Saying 'LIBERTY' After Calling Lockdowns 'Fascist'

The Tesla founder tweeted the word in all caps, alongside several American flag emoji and a picture of a unicorn swearing. It was taken down within two hours.

Entrepreneurs Review the SBA PPP Loan-Application Processes

The public has spoken, and the results range from frustration to relief.

El jefe de Twitter Jack Dorsey dona mil millones de dólares para combatir el COVID-19

Después de la pandemia, el fondo de Dorsey cambiará su enfoque a la salud, educación e investigación de las niñas hacia el ingreso básico universal porque 'representan las mejores soluciones a largo plazo para los problemas existenciales que enfrenta el mundo'.
Jack Dorsey

Twitter Chief Jack Dorsey Donates $1 Billion to COVID-19 Fight

Post-pandemic, Dorsey's fund will shift its focus to girls' health, education and research into universal basic income because they 'represent the best long-term solutions to the existential problems facing the world.'
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Twitter Won't Remove Elon Musk's Coronavirus Misinformation Tweets

Despite the company stating it will remove content questioning the severity of the virus or offering health advice without scientific support, Twitter says Elon Musk did not violate its rules when he tweeted that children are 'essentially immune.'

Twitter is a popular microblogging social network service. The San Francisco-based company was founded by Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone and Evan Williams in 2006.

Users are able to send and read messages -- also known as tweets -- that are up to 140 characters long. Tweets are publicly visible unless a user protects his or her account so that only approved users have access to it. Users can "follow" friends and colleagues, as well as their favorite brands, news outlets and other institutions. Twitter has also become a useful marketing tool for businesses.

A username, or user's "handle," is generally a series of letters and numbers preceded by the "@" sign. For instance, Entrepreneur magazine's Twitter handle is @EntMagazine. Tweets can be tracked in groups by using a hashtag, or the "#" sign, before the word or phrase.